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Nephrology Consultants Dr Aman Gupta, Dr Raju Bhandari guides on issues related with kidney problems

YB: Why we celebrate the World’s Kidney Day?
AG: Kidney problem is a very big issue in our country as there are numerous problems which are directly linked with the problems in our Kidney. To aware the people about all these problems from 2006, we are celebrating this day. The main motive behind celebrating this day is to aware the people more about the diseases in our kidney. We try to aware the attendants of patient, to maintain the health of patient.
YB: Tell us about the reasons behind rise in kidney diseases?
RB: The chronic kidney disease is an irreversible decrease in the kidney function. Once it reaches the late stage the patient is required to either go into permanent lifelong dialysis for kidney transplantation or peritoneal dialysis. The number of people suffering from this disease is increasing day by day.
Around 60-70% of patients are suffering because of uncontrolled diabetes or hypertension. The people affected with diabetes and hypertension is also increasing. Today younger patients (30-40 years) are turning up and this is alarming.
YB: Besides the people with more age, there are problems in kidney of kids also, why?
AG: The problem in kidney could be occur in any age group, but where the problem in kidney of kids is this has been seen that in early age these problems are not diagnosed, but with the increase in age, and passage of times, the situation becomes more worse. They may be result into swelling in the foot, infections in the urine. So it is better that people should consult some kidney specialist time to time, so that if any problem, it should be diagnosed timely.
YB: What will you consults to the people to save themselves from such problems?
AH: Due to the modern lifestyle, our life has been changed too much, we are not doing any physical activity, so that our food get disgusted easily. Adopt healthy lifestyle, avoid junk foods, cold drinks, fluids with high fructose. While the people can take lemon juice, ORS and increase intake of water in their daily life.
YB: What preventive measures shall you consult for the kidney patients?
RB: Intake of the medicine is not only the best option always, so patients must keep proper weight, quit smoking earliest, stay away from taking drugs, avoid taking painkiller. Meanwhile, the people with hypertension and diabetes are more prone to kidney infections or diseases.
They must implement screening programme.
YB: What are the criterias for undergoing kidney donation and transplantation?
AG: For the kidney donation, the rules have been changed by the government, now a person from 18-65 years of age can donate his kidney. He must be a family member, with the same blood group.
Normally kidney functions around 80-100 milliliter of blood of blood per minute once this kidney function decreases to less than 15 ml per minute and it is a irreversible damage. That is the time when patients need transplantation or lifelong dialysis.
Traditionally, the first criteria for doing kidney transplantation are to consider a match between the donor blood group and patient blood group. The problem with the kidney transplantation is that kidney transplantation is the treatment of choice and only 3-5% is getting this kidney transplantation. Remaining 90-95% percent of the patients are either on lifelong hemodialysis or lifelong peritoneal dialysis. The main reason is lack of donors.
YB: What message will you give to the people?
AG: In my message I wanted to advise the people to drink as much as water they can in their daily life. Moreover, if there any symptoms of any type of infection, they must immediately consult the doctor rather to take general medicine to treat such infections.


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