Life line of Jammu, Ranbir Canal has become garbage dumping yard

Young Bites. Dated: 3/15/2019 10:55:02 AM

Pooja Thakur
Jammu, Mar 14
The lifeline of Jammu region, the Ranbir canal seems to be transforming into the Nullah. The popular Canal, known by its long back history, from 1904 onwards water was being drawn from the Akhnoor area, completing journey of more than 84 kms, to serve the requirements of irrigation and drinking for the people of Jammu.
The canal which owes a great importance in Jammu region for agriculture purposes, is not less than boon for farmers being used for cultivation and allied farming purposes. The water from Ranbir canal is also being utilized for drinking purposes apart from irrigation.
Even small channel from the canal also serve various purposes for the households and people living near small channels. During the reign of Maharaja, due attention was given to clean the water but due to various development activities carried alonng the bank of Ranbir canal, the waste is being into the canal as a result of it the water of Ranbir canal is being polluted with foul smell and turning out to be a garbage dumping point. The unhealthy approach being adopted by the authorities is cause of concern
On the other hand, the construction of new colonies have increased the pollution level in Ranbir canal manifolds, as a result there is hardly any point where we can have clean water visible.
Although every year, millions of rupees are spent in the name of cleaning it the canal failed to meet the requirements of farmers by large. It is duty of everyone to avoid polluting the Ranbir canal which is lifeline for the people of Jammu
It is necessary that cleanliness should be done taking into consideration the need of farmers and its importance towards meeting the necessity of drinking purposes. It is also important due attention should be paid towards the encroachment along the bank of Ranbir canal.


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