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The martyr
families who need any kind of help can
contact Brig Harcharan Singh at 94192- 16663.
‘Veer Nari’ says:
* Never celebrated any festi-val with her husband.
* Indian Army has always helped from time to time.
* Because of Sainik Board got a government job.
* No Minister, MLA, Sarpanch HAVE time to be part of ‘Sha heedi Diwas’.
Jammu, Mar 11
Hav Kali Dass attained martyrdom in Poonch while fighting fearlessly with the militants in the year 2002. YoungBites correspondent got an opportunity to interact with the wife of martyr to know about the early life and how life changes post martyrdom.
‘Veer Nari’ recalls that she got married at an early age of 18 years in the year 1992 and it was arranged by all the family members. She says that her husband remained with her for 1 month after marriage and there after he left to join his duty and came back after full one year. She says that she has not celebrated even a single festival with her husband.
Veer Nari says that when her husband attained martyrdom, her kids were very small, elder son was 4 years old and the younger son was 3 years old. It was a very difficult time for her but her in-laws and her parents supported her thoroughly.
She says that she organize Shahidi Diwas every year to remember the supreme sacrifice made by her husband. But no official, minister, MLA, Sarpanch has time to be a part of ‘Shaheedi Diwas’.
Veer Nari says that Army never forgets. She also appreciates the efforts of Rajya Sainik Board and says that due to their efforts she got a govt. job and was able to take care of her kids.
If we talk about Punjab or other states, the bureaucrats often go to the martyrs families and they help them in doing various official works, which the family does not know how to do, but this scenario is not in our state. In our state the martyrs are remembered on some particular days only.
At the end a small request to the society: Please visit the martyr families at their home. Ask the ‘Veer Naris’, Veer Mata’ that we are always with them. Help their children in career counseling. Give them respect. Bow heads whenever we meet them. Never forget that the supreme sacrifice was made for us.


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