Local artists feel neglect in Jammu Mahotsav

Vikas Sharma. Dated: 2/7/2019 11:19:26 AM

Tourism Deptt trying its best to vanish Dogra culture, alleges local artists

Vikas Sharma
Jammu, Feb 6
The Jammu Festival is being organized by the Department of Tourism, Govt of J&K on February 8th to 10th and also has been much publicized.
“During the festival, whole city will get the glimpses of Punjabi culture in Jammu but the title ‘Jammu Mahotsav’ suggests that, Jammu’s culture and tradition is going to be showcased but unfortunately, the Jammu and Kashmir Tourism is playing a key role in the destruction of Dogra culture as there is nothing which could have been related to Jammu region in the event,” alleges Mohd Yasin, a local artist.
“The history is the witness to the facts that Dogras have always been victimized by the politicians and the popular governments and such adverse agenda of Jammu and Kashmir Tourism will ruin the Dogri language and its culture. One must understand the fact that without engraving and promoting the cultural ethos of the Jammu region, we cannot promote its culture and tourism,” he further added.
“Jammu Mahotasav, is meant for people of Jammu, but not a single Dogri Singer and artist has been included,” said Manish Sharma, another budding artist and singer from Jammu,”
So far as the hoardings and other publicity modes are concerned, the event has been named as 'Jammu Festival’ Maha Ustav 2019, but there seems to be nothing like that which could have been related to Jammu. The whole festival consists of Punjabi and some non-local singers, while as Dogri Language and culture and even the Dogra artists have been totally ignored.
“The local and talented artists are being included just for the formality and they are provided ordinary facilities and meager amount while, the outsider artists are being provided high class facilities and a hefty amount,” he said.
One should fail to understand that what be the fun of inviting those participants who know very little regarding In this way the Jammu Festival has been made just a formality and a cruel joke with not only the people of Jammu but with the culture, language and heritage of Jammu.
It is a well planned strategy to play with the sentiments of Dogras which will soon lost in the tides of times which have always been taken non-seriously by the politicians and the government.


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