Misappropriation of funds by Sports Associations

Vikas Gupta. Dated: 2/6/2019 12:02:19 PM

Vikas Gupta
Jammu, Feb 5
Every game in Jammu & Kashmir has its respective Association. The players who are selected to play Nationals are being charged with the Entry fee by these Associations. But as per rule if any player gets selected in Nationals his/her expenses are to beard by the state Sports Council, then why do these association charge money from the players?
Many times the players who are shortlisted cannot bear the expenses as a result many deserving players are left behind. The money minting games of these Associations need to be curbed by the State Sports Council.
Many players have approached Young Bites on the matter. One of the player who plays Taekwondo said, “The Martial Arts Association charges from Rs 2000 to Rs 4000 as entry fee to play the Nationals, the games like Judo, Taekwondo, Karate, Wushu comes under Martial Arts, and a huge amount is charged to play the Nationals, but many players are poor and cannot bear the expenses as a result they do not go to play the Nationals”.
When the games are registered under State Sports Council, then how can the Associations charge extra money from the players?
To play District games, these Associations charge Rs 300 from each player and to play State Championships, these Associations charge Rs 500. There are thousands of children who play these district and state games, then one can imagine the profits these Associations are getting from one single Tournament. Under the nose of Sports Council these Associations are charging from players.
Few months back in National Taekwondo Championship, a whooping amount of Rs 7500 was charged from the players. The players had complained about it and the enquiry is being conducted on the misappropriation of funds.
Now it is the responsibility of State Sports Council to keep a check on these Associations who are unnecessarily charging from the players. There are nearly 150 games and out of those 60 have been registered under State Sports Council and when the Associations charge entry fee from these affiliated games, then who is accountable?


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