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Abha Gupta. Dated: 1/8/2019 11:05:33 AM

All progressive countries respect art: Anuradha

* His father was mas-ter of Pahari Minia-ture paintings, painted all three wars
* No help from state govt.
* Fine Art college Jammu in shambles
Jammu, Jan 7
Anuradha Rishi is the daughter of Pt Sansar Chand Baru, who was the master of Pahari Miniature paintings, he was the painter in the regime of Maharaja Hari Singh. Pt Sansar Chand was the only painter who painted the scenes of the three wars. He was the founder of Dogra Art Museum.
Anuradha says,” I got married early so my first priority was my family and kids. When the kids were grown up, I thought of starting the trust. On 6th May 2014, the trust was made. I live in Delhi and work with corporate and central govt. but unfortunately I get no help from state govt.
She says that God has given lot of patience to Women just like mother earth and what women can do men cannot do.
She says, “ life is full of challenges, these challenges polish us and motivate us. In J&K we are blessed with art, my father incorporated miniature and modernity into his paintings. I want to make this art alive. All the progressive countries respect art. In India, Bengal, art is given a lot of respect, but unfortunately in J&K art is not given that respect”.
“I once visited the Fine Art College in Jammu, but I felt sad to see its condition. The masters teaching in the college were not aware of what they were teaching, I interacted with the final year students, but they were least knowledgeable”, she says.
On Dogri culture she says that it is the responsibility of women of the home to make their kids aware of their culture, if mother teaches her kids Dogri language then only the child will get to know about his mother tongue. She says that she lives in Delhi but she taught her kids about the rich Dogra culture and Dogri language.


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