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Abha Gupta. Dated: 12/5/2018 11:29:08 AM

Inmates are not criminals, they are deviated human beings: Rajni Sehgal

Jammu, Dec 4
A woman who chose a career where she has to handle hard core criminals every day, how much empowered she must be. But she never likes the jail inmates to be called as criminals, for her they are deviated human beings. She never feels that it is difficult to handle them she says that she has been trained to handle them.
She says, “every women should have a vision on what she wants to do in her life. People have a phobia on working with inmates, but I am here by my choice. I feel proud of my choice and profession. I always wanted to work with them ”.
“I am here because of contribution of my parents, they encouraged me to do what I wanted to do, my mother appreciated my decisions, I am science graduate, then later did graduation in Law that too in criminal side because I wanted to do something for them”, she said. She says that while practicing law, she came in contact with prisoners, she wanted to look behind the walls of prisons, she wanted to contribute for the betterment of criminals. So she did PG Diploma in criminology and police science.
She says that 20-30 years back if her parents gave acceptance to her then today’s parents should have more trust in their kids because today’s generation is very fast and intelligent. Parents should be adviser, friends to kids not dictators. Parents should not just think of marriage of girl child, they should make her financially, mentally, physically strong, for her survival. If she is suppressed at home then no one will guide her to reach her goal. Parents should come out of he/she syndrome. All are equal. Society should not think that every bad thing is for girl, tell her how to face every situation.
On Crime she says, “crime starts from home due to negligence of parents. Most of us must have stolen pens, coins etc from friends, but our parents observed us guided us, we also bunked classes but due to guidance from parents we were made aware, but when parents are negligent, or parents are harsh, then the children often develop criminal tendencies. If the behavior of child changes, then we should talk to our kids”.
Rajni Sehgal on Women empowerment: “Know your self, have self confidence, you can achieve, you have powerful enough to achieve whatever you want to”.


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