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SMGS Hospital apathy…

Vikas Gupta. Dated: 12/5/2018 11:26:02 AM

One bed two patients, no place for attendants

Vikas Gupta
Jammu, Dec 4
SMGS Hospital, Jammu is one of the oldest hospitals in state which was opened for public before partition in the year 1940 by Maharaja Hari Singh. SMGS Hospital houses the Gynecology department.
If one happens to visit the wards of this department then one feels pity to see how patients are being accommodated in the hospital. Due to shortage of beds in the hospital, in one bed two patients are being accommodated. Imagine a woman who has delivered a baby that too through surgery and then when she gets shifted in the ward, she has to share the bed with other patient who again has delivered a baby. What a pity that the same bed is being shared by patients and their newly born babies. This means that one bed is being shared by four people, two adult and two infants.
The attendants say that many times mother has to sleep on floor with her newly born as it becomes difficult to accommodate four in same bed.
It is indeed very alarming situation. The mother who has undergone caesarean is already in pain and when she has to share her bed with another mother, then one can imagine the plight of the patient who has just delivered a baby.
One of the patient who had under gone surgery, Shrishti said, “at least the patients who undergo c-section should be given separate bed. A patient is accompanied by attendant, but the attendants are not given any place to sit and they just sit outside in the open verandahs. It is very difficult for the attendants to stay outside when the weather is so cold”.
There are 750 beds in the hospital. Every day around 60-70 deliveries take place. It is high time to improve the infrastructure of these govt. hospitals. Smart city is a great idea but giving basic facilities to common man should be the foremost concern. Every patient has the right to get treatment in a dignified manner.


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