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Organic farming needs to be promoted as future of the next era of agriculture

Subodh Bhasin. Dated: 12/5/2018 11:19:02 AM

Subodh Bhasin
Jammu, Dec 4
With the introduction of a reckless chemical based agricultural policy in the recent decades has caused adverse impact on the agricultural practices posing serious environmental concerns, which have been raised from time.
Farming, as we know, is a traditional occupation that’s been followed since time immemorial. But the organic farming concept is gaining prominence among the farmers in Jammu, erstwhile not only in the farming community, only but also among the dwellers as we can see a lot of individuals venturing into this field.
Talking to Young Bites correspondent Rajeev Sharma Agriculture expert said that organic farming has proven to be a conservation-based method. It exhausts less energy and offers greater benefits to both the environment and humans’ health. It has also been observed to promote bio-diversity through the use of natural pesticides that do not harm pollinators and useful insects. He further added that the organic industry is booming at a high rate now and the demand of organic produce is increasing. The need of the hour is to generate new policies and interest towards organic farming and to meet the growing demands of the organic market. By familiarizing local farmers with its benefits, we can build sustainable food practices and confront challenging environmental issues including water scarcity, soil erosion, climate change, and loss of biodiversity.
Des Raj a farmer from RS Pura said that there have been many a problems that have caused a failure of usage of organic farming due to failure of linkages between the farmers and markets and absence of financial support from the government.
Talking to Young Bites correspondent Romesh Kumar a farmer from Bishnah said that Organic or natural non-chemical agriculture method can grow any vegetables like Spinach, Swiss Chard, Greens, Herbs, Kale & Kohlrabi, Leeks, Lettuce, Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Peas, Beans.
Explaining benefits he added that advantages of natural green agriculture are endless. This may encourage you to be more determined to set up your natural farming garden. And also this farming keeps the farmers healthy and safe from critical chemicals which are deadly to farmers.
Moreover organic farming is becoming popular because it keeps the consumers healthy and risk-free. So the demand is high. Organic food produces healthy and safe. Chemicals and pesticides are so much evil to the human body. The harvested crops have 50% more nutrients and vitamins than other methods. Keep the nearby environment safe and save helpful insects.


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