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Govt aims to make Civil Secretariat plastic-free

Subodh Bhasin. Dated: 12/4/2018 11:01:54 AM

Estates, Hospitality departments and JKTDC to follow the lead

Subodh Bhasin
Jammu, Dec 3
With 'Beat Plastic Pollution' being the buzz, communities and countries around the world have been focusing their efforts on this important issue. After all, enough plastic is thrown away to circle the Earth four times each year. Worryingly, a lot of that waste doesn't make it to a landfill and instead ends up in our rivers and oceans, killing thousands of marine.
Similarly, as straws and cups are fast becoming the main source of solid waste landfills and dumps that one sees all around the Civil Secretariat, J&K is going to be made plastic-free and its use would be discarded absolutely in the Secretariat premises.
During marking of World Toilet Day it was disclosed that the Jammu and Kashmir authorities will also issue a notification in this regard. Not only the Civil Secretariat but estates and hospitality departments and the JK Tourist Development Corporation, , will also be directed not to use plastic bottles or cups during events at the secretariat.
As per the reports adequate number of water dispensers would be installed in Civil Secretariat to ensure employees did not have to carry plastic water bottles from home.
“The move significantly aims to make offices single-use plastic-free and is considered eco-friendly practice, said Ex. Dy.AG Dinesh Singh Jamwal.
He added that indeed the authorities are trying to set an example by ending the practice of plastic use in office premises. If this move is successful, there will be no plastic generated across government offices. Since a lot of people spend a major part of their day in offices, non-usage of plastics will definitely ensure a reduction in waste generation.
Echoing the much popular saying that charity begins at home, Sheetal Nanda, secretary, rural development department recently appealed to all government departments to shun the use of plastic during meetings.
“We must use glass jugs and install water dispensers so that an example is set for the public to emulate," secretary Sheetal Nanda laid emphasis.
The use of plastic water bottles, cutlery and even bags are common across offices and this is the practice which the government must look to end.
People learn from surroundings where they spend time and such actions if implemented in true sense will sure make realize people that use of plastic poses serious threat not only to health but also pollute the environment.
Surely the authorities have taken the step and are hopeful that many other offices will follow.


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