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Talk show: part 2

Vikas Sharma. Dated: 11/30/2018 11:17:57 AM

Continuing our
weekly feature, Talk show, we are here again with the same personality, Rajinder Singh, who is a contestant in panchayat elections, and is contesting from the Upper Kanna Chadgal area for the post of Sarpanch. His election symbol is sewing machine.
Let’s have an interaction with the dynamic candidate.
Vikas Sharma
VS: As a local, what are the main issues in Upper Kanna Chadgal?
RS: Upper Kanna Chadgal area is most backward area in the Nagrota constituency, which remain most neglected in the development. None of the MLA from this constituency, bothered to visit in this area. Due to which the people despite voting for the candidates failed to get any development in this area.
VS: What will be your future vision as being the Sarpanch?
RS: To work for the development of my area is my priority, and if I elected as the Sarpanch, the first thing I wanted to do is end the menace of drugs, which is spreading like the wild fire among the youth of my area.
Use of drugs among is most dangerous thing not only for the youth but also for their family. I will try my best to weed out this menace, by creating awareness among the youth, so that they can have a healthy life.
In addition to this, one thing I also wanted to do is educate the poor girls in my area. Due to a backward area, the people of my area are not enough rich and cannot afford to provide education to the kids, especially the girl child. I wanted to start a school in which poor girls will get free education and will engage some trained teachers, who will help me to provide them free education.
VS: What is your message for the people?
RS: In my message for the people of Upper Kanna Chargal, I wanted to appeal them to use their vote judiciously and vote for the suitable candidate, who can work for the development and can address their grievances. Every time they voted for the candidates, who are least bothered about their issues and never paid any visit in their area.
This was all that the young and dynamic youth leader Rajinder Singh has to say about his area, Upper Kanna Chadgal, from which he is contesting for the post of Sarpanch.


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