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Rise in number of migratory birds registered at Gharana wetland

Subodh Bhasin. Dated: 11/29/2018 12:11:13 PM

Subodh Bhasin
Jammu, Nov 28
Gharana wetland conservation (Abode of Migratory Birds), which is recognized as paradise of migratory birds having its adjoining wetlands of Makwal, Kukdian, Abdullian and Pargwal & every year receive about 10000 to 20000 migratory birds in winter. All these wetlands are located along the border with Pakistan.
As the name itself defines “Ghar –Ana” (Coming Home), in the ongoing winter season too there has been considerable rise as many transient birds have landed in Gharana Wetland Conservation Reserve in Jammu and Kashmir comparatively due to last year’s heavy firing and shelling a year ago in along the International Border (IB). It is worthwhile to mention here that with the beginning of winter, more than 370 winged species, including 310 water species, from Central Asian countries begin congregating at different wetlands in India among one such Gharana Wetland Conservation Reserve.
Gharana wetland located along the Central Asian Flyway is a notified wetland conservation reserve under the Jammu and Kashmir Wildlife Protection Act, 1978. It has international recognition as one of the IBAs (Important Bird Areas) in the world, declared by Bird Life International (UK) and Bombay Natural History Society.
In the previous year due to rise in shelling and firing by Pakistani troops has marginalized the coming of migratory birds and in this season the department of Regional Wildlife Warden (Jammu) is taking all measures to make the habitat suitable for them with scientific management interventions like selective removal of weed and monitoring of birds and ‘watch and ward’ for averting hunting or poaching attempts.
The arrival of migratory birds starts from the second week of November, due to harvesting of paddy crop exhibiting presented a suitable welcome gesture required for their habitat as compared to the cold temperatures from where high ends they migrate. This positive gesture of paddy harvesting result into hundreds of migratory birds, including the bar-headed goose which flies over high-altitude passes in the Himalayas during stay.
It is expected that if the weather remain suitable to them and calm prevails along the IB border more birds are likely to arrive in the next couple of weeks. Subsequently, as the temperature is expected to drop further in some of the higher places where these birds migrate from, the possibility of more spices visiting the Gharana wetland conservation.
All these wetlands are notified under J&K Wildlife Act and are recognized Important Birding sites by the BNHS but a lot more needful to be done for promote the seasonal tourist place for the locals as well as for the tourists visiting from other parts of country and world.


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