Casual worker demands regularization of service in Bhaderwah

Young Bites. Dated: 11/29/2018 12:09:57 PM

The official tempered with the list to accommodate their blue-eyed boys.

Kamran khan
Bhaderwah, Nov 28
Whereas a person who has spent his life in the capacity of a daily rated/ Casual where for the last more then 25 years, is running from pillar to post to seek justice for his salary that is w.e.f 2009, not speaking of his regulation which had was entitled way back 15 years Mohd Din age 50 years, resident of Village Sartingal Bhadarwah was appointed as a casual/Daily Rated Worker in the year 1991 and kept performing his duties on to date time and again, he prepared his case duty endorsed by the concerned authorities of SKAUST sub Station Bhadarwah, but instead of regularising him the SKAUST/research sub Station Bhadarwah forwarded the case of one Pappu Ram underage and consequently regularized him
Meanwhile his pay was stopped in 2009 from the day, he is leaving a life of destitute hopeless with his six daughters and 6 year son Mohd din has no other option to the stop his children's studies has having no source of income as his health has diffracted is not able even to do labour work although, village elder and his villagers are witnessed to his work in SKAUST Bhadarwah the in charge Sub Station SKAUST Bhadarwah dispute of Repeated attempts could not be contacted at least he respond and said on telephone that the case of Mohd Din His being processed bur showed his ignorance about why his case was not recommended for regulation. The High Court of Jammu has given the verdict in favour of this poor man, But this court order is not being applied anywhere The Concern department seems to be stalking only.W hen we talked about this issue with the Concern department, only the excuses were found. Mohammed Din, who has been fighting this war for the last 9 years, is selling a land and fulfilling requirements of his own home after you see how long he will continue to be. One thing to note is that Mohammed Din's daughter is unable to complete the treatment of one of the daughters who is battling a Serious disease.
Mohammad Din has the burden of 6 girls on his shoulders. It's All Due to the Negligence Off Concern Department Who never paid attention to Mohammad Din's case. Due to the Concern Department, the day Muhammad Din And their family is getting to see The sad, the mountain of sorrows and the painful life stress and Depression can be Seen from a distance On their faces. Now it is the time to see that Concern Department will follow the order of the High Court or not.


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