Women Empowerment Obesity can never be cured by eating less: Dr Gurmeet

Abha Gupta. Dated: 10/31/2018 8:46:08 AM

Jammu, Oct 30
Tips from Dietician Dr Gurmeet: Eat fruits rather than junk, drink coconut water, eat ‘makhane’, eat every 2 hours, include desi ghee in your food its very good for health, refined oil was introduced by foreign companies to demote the use of desi ghee in India, but as a matter of fact, refined oil lacks all the necessary nutrients, use mustard oil for cooking vegetables, drink 8-10 glasses of water every day.
Dr Gurmeet had a passion for guiding people for their diets right from her college days. Her hobby of making good food, her passion for diets and their calorie count lead her to this profession. After completing her masters in diet, she started doing charity work as dietician in various hospitals and red cross. She says that most of the people have the notion that dietician means that I will only guide for weight loss, but it is not true. She also gives guidelines to people suffering from various ailments. She gives free OPD to cancer patients also. She says that when drug and diet have a good combination then any disease is cured very fast.
On the rising trend of eating junk food among kids and youngsters, she said, “ now a days, eating junk food is a fashion, it is not necessary that one likes it, but because of peer pressure and to look modern, people eat junk. People eat junk because their body has craving of eating it, if a person takes a balanced diet just fo r one month, he won’t have any craving for the junk food. Many children eat soil because their body lacks those minerals, in the same way people eat that food more, which they are deficient of”. She says that schools should hold awareness camps for their children to show them ill effects of junk food and benefits of eating balanced diet, camps on food and healthy diets are equally important as other campaigns like “beti padhao beti padhao”, good diet plays an important role in nation building”.


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