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Demand for a Strong Consumers grievances redressal mechanism

Zafar Bhat. Dated: 8/10/2018 12:43:50 PM

Zafar Bhat
Jammu, Aug 9
In Jammu, market abuses, social injustices, production and supply of substandard goods, food, adulteration, overcharging and black-marketing are the common consumer’s grievances which shows the State Government failure to protect consumer rights.
Government agencies had not succeeded effectively to fight the supply and production of food adulteration foods, substandard goods, overcharging and black-marketing.
In spite the prevailing of rigorous laws to control incongruity and improve the eminence of service and production of customary goods, the grievance of common mass shows that they don’t get quality services and goods.
According to data report of Consumer international, Overweight and obesity, high blood pressure, high blood glucose and high cholesterol are the major diseases caused by unhealthy diets, and unhealthy diets are linked to four of the 10 biggest causes of death worldwide, of which J&K state is also the victim.
State government should devise a well-planned strategy to resolve critical issue of protection of consumer’s rights.
Many MNCs are violating the norms of labeling while in some cases smudged MRPs are carried on the labels. Government should take stringent action against some MNCs who are charging more than MRP and also for indulging in over-charging on text-booked and stationary items.
Recently, State Minister for Consumer Affair has expressed the government’s priority of “Building a Digital World Consumer Can Trust”, which have to face big challenges of digital security and access to mass population of rural areas who don’t have easy access to digital world. State should establish a strong Consumer grievance redress mechanism to attend and address the complaints of the Consumers.


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