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GovERNMENt should put blanket ban on import of Chinese goods

Young Bites. Dated: 8/8/2018 11:57:48 AM

As the stand-off between India and China continues on the border of north-eastern state Sikkim, social media is abuzz with the demand of boycotting Chinese-made products . It is believed that by boycotting Chinese goods, India can put pressure - economically - on China. And the belief is not entirely wrong as India in the latest financial year imported Chinese goods worth over USD 60 billion. It is not possible for India to put a 'blanket ban' on Chinese products due to WTO rules.
Number of calls for banning Chinese products are picking up on the social media. Last time when such demands were made the situation was different and India was looking for China's support to get Pakistan based Jaish-e-Mohammed chief Masood Azhar designated as terrorist by the United Nations. China refused to accept Azhar as terrorist as it was not convinced on technical point by India's argument. China's double standard irked many Indians who later demanded India to teach China a lesson by cutting down the import. Whatever be the nature of conflict with China, people of the country have always reacted almost in a same way and demanded immediate ban of Chinese goods. However, social media campaign failed to elicit any response from the government. We could impose anti-dumping duties, but there are established ways to go about it and dumping has to be proved. It is time that India should use its most powerful weapon against China which is Trade. A blanket ban on import of Chinese goods as being demanded by some sections in India is not a feasible option. Curbs can only be placed if there are quality issues or if the imports are subsidised or dumped. Anti-dumping duties are levied on particular items, on certain tariff lines they cannot be levied across the board.India raised concerns about India's growing trade deficit with China.
Encouragement to boycott Chinese goods has been spreading in the last few days on Indian social media. However, regardless of the passionate boycott in India and Indian media's hysteric reports of a 'doomsday' for Chinese products, Chinese goods have never been condemned by Indian government and are popular across the nation. The boycott has not achieved success. Sales figures for Chinese products on the top three Indian online retailers hit a new record.There is urgent need of hour to boycott MADE IN CHINA,becauseChina is supporting Pakistan and its non state actors resolutely to suck India into a vortex of perpetual violence. China is undercutting India's attempt to isolate Pakistan from every major Global forum. China wants to keep border disputes alive and force India to remain engaged with Pakistan as it works out beautifully to its advantage. China is trying its level best to deny India much needed stability for economic growth. China fears that the size of Indian economy and its demographic advantage will eventually result in a parity with China. Boycott Chinese products is a slogan used by Internet campaigns that advocate a boycott of Chinese-made products. Commonly cited reasons for the boycott include the perceived low quality of products, territorial conflicts involving China, support for separatist movements within China. A full boycott of Chinese products would be difficult to achieve, as the country is responsible for the assembly of a high number of goods that are widely sold and used across the world. Chinese products may not be high in quality when consumers prefer to pay a low price. China is trying to disrupt India’s economic growth by dumping cheap Chinese products in our markets, which should be countered by using indigenous products,
Markets in India have been flooded with Chinese goods starting from toys to consumer durables. “Chinese goods are selling as they are cheaper than Indian goods. This is making the country dependant, which should be fought against by . focusing on boycotting Chinese goods. since Indians are buying Chinese goods, China has become a strong nation. “China is earning money as Indians are buying its products. China is supporting Pakistan in our fight against terrorism. To tacle this situation it is necessary to boycott Chinese products. The Chinese government is not encouraging the sale of Indian . goods in its markets. “China is importing cotton at a cheap rate, to make garments, which it is exporting. It is using this strategy to grow its economy, and curtailing India’s growth prospects,”
In the past two years, various right-wing organisations have called for boycott of Chinese goods to teach China a lesson for creating trouble on the border and aiding Pakistan.
The basic reason behind the popularity of Chinese products in India is low price of products. There are two basic reasons behind the low price of Chinese products: Cost of production in China is low due to availability of cheap labour force, Manufacturing sector in China gets the subsidy from the government which reduces the cost of production of the goods, Chinese manufacturers produce huge quantity of the goods which reduces the cost of per unit. China is known as man power hub so it has a lower labours cost in the comparison of india and many indian brands like The Cotton Textile Export Promotion Council of India, Raymond Ltd, Reliance Industries Ltd, Satyam Computer Services and JINDAL STRIPS LIMITED have their manufacturing units in china to reduce production cost so Chinese govt can make a trouble for them.
Indian govt is earning a huge revenue through customs duty by imposing anti-dumping duties on specific goods imported from China, so ban will cut of govt's income.
India also imports primary components from China like computer hardware, electronic components etc. These primary goods are used by Indian industries to make their final products. If we ban Chinese products, Indian industries have to purchase these components from other countries at higher prices.
Not only indian brand but maximum of global brands like HP, Dell, Samsung even Apple are using made in china components in their products so impose a blanket ban will be an indirect ban on all these. India can’t impose a blanket ban on all imports from China.


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