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How Quail eggs are useful for human health

Young Bites. Dated: 8/8/2018 11:52:53 AM

VK Gupta
Jammu, Aug 7
When our correspondent from Young Bites met Dr. Mohmd Ismail from Animal Husbandry deptt, he made us aware about the achievements made in the organization. He told us that they have got no of quail eggs which have got multiple benefits. There is a large group or stream of doctors in China which is actively working for last so many years’ exclusively on quail eggs to cure different kind of diseases.
We have got a central Avin Research Institute Bareilly which is working on this project. One of the biggest benefits of Quail eggs is that it is rich in vitamin-A which is highly beneficial for eyes. With increasing age there is macro degeneration due to which eye sight becomes weak. If from beginning one starts taking 2-3 eggs daily it will relieve deficiency of vitamin-A resulting in healthy eye sight.
It further helps to make skin soft and shiny. If there are toxins in the body it has got antitoxicity activity. Quail eggs are also beneficial in case of gall bladder stone .Chinese doctors made a very big claim that it dissolves the stone. It also helps to cure diabetes, Blood pressure, relieves joint pains and has number of other benefits. Shelf life of quail eggs is maximum for 8 days .They can be stored maximum upto 8 days after which they get spoiled. We have poultry farms at chatha. R.S.Pura, and Srinagar who are dealing with quail eggs and chicks. It provides an ample opportunity for people to earn their livelihood by selling eggs and chicks. Govt of India scientists suggested that mix farming of different species should be avoided as it increases opportunity of Bird Flu. There is one female farmer at R.S.Pura to whom we have given on farm from which she is benefitted a lot and she is selling eggs and chicks to earn her daily bread. There are number of small farms where people have kept quail eggs and chicks.
These people have kept eggs at their homes to give 2-3 eggs daily to their children because they are very useful for growth of child as it has good quality of cholesterol. There are some qualified and well educated farmers which can understand us bette. We are motivating them to breed Kadaknath chick variety which is black in colour. It in India’s old breed. It is also beneficial in case of joint pains and fevers. It’s eggs are black in colour. It’s flesh is very tasty and sold at the rate of Rs 700-800 per kg and served in 5 star hotels .People are fond of it.
There is one breeder named Raja from Srinagar who is also doing breeding of Kadaknath chicken variety. He is earning a lot by selling chicks and eggs. Later we started promoting Turkey farming specially in Pvt sector, educated private entrepreneurs were motivated for turkey farming as it has lot of benefits.
Main feature is that its weight becomes 15-20 kg within few days and people use to store them for Christmas day, as we store goats on occasion of EID festival. It’s meat becomes sufficient for whole family. There are different centres at Ambala, Nagpur and Bareilly which are working on these lines and people interested to buy eggs and chicks can contact these centres.


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