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Towards more widespread use of a clean cooking fuel

Zafar Bhat. Dated: 8/8/2018 11:43:58 AM

Zafar Bhat
Jammu, Aug 7
In the State, the figures of deaths caused by using unclean fuel, as ailing effects of the customary cooking means degrading the healthiness of women and their families in households.
In view of this, with the collaborative efforts centre and state government have undertaken a major initiative to advance the living standards of Below Poverty Line families under the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana (PMUY).
But the question raises that whether the benefit of the scheme reaches deserving people at the grass root level. And whether in each households of state LPG is used.

There are some reports of discrepancies in the allotment, as usually made by many people.
It is for the Government to check out whether the benefit of the gas and (LPG) cylinder allotment under the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana is being given to real beneficiaries.
Moreover, indoor air pollution by burning the fossil fuel causing the acute respiratory illnesses to young children which is right away needed to reduce by using clean fuel.
Thus, it is also for female beneficiaries to come a step forward to get enlisted in LPG connections so that government can fulfill its commitment to ensure LPG connection reaches every single household. Pertinently, the people need to disseminate information about these welfare schemes among others so that no household remains devoid of their reimbursement. Meanwhile, PMUY beneficiaries do not have to pay security deposit or other overhead costs while taking LPG connections, they also have the option of paying for gas stove and first refill at the time of getting connection in installments.


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