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Opening of Eye Bank in GMCH still hanging in balance

Vikas Sharma. Dated: 8/6/2018 11:40:31 AM

Vikas Sharma
Jammu, Aug 5
This may be called as an act of discrimination with the people of Jammu as the eye bank is still a distant dream and the patients, needing eyes transplantation and other treatment has been forced to wander here and there to get the right treatment at Govt Medical College Hospital Jammu.
The patients in Jammu are facing the apathy of State Government to inordinately delay the process of opening Eyes Bank in Medical College Jammu despite lapse of considerable time period .
Pertient to mention here that the Health Department has been failed to set any time span fixing the deadline for putting into operation the Eyes Bank in Medical College Jammu, although Eyes Bank in Medical College Srinagar stands already opened in Medical College Srinagar for the facilities of such patients in Kashmir valley, which is a welcome step.
People alleges that the Medical College authorities of Jammu are holding JK Medical Supplies Corporation Limited responsible for delay in opening Eyes Bank in Jammu as this Corporation of Health Department is authorized to purchase drugs, equipments and other necessary items for Hospitals and Medical Colleges functioning in the state.
Due to the lackadaisical approach of Health Ministry for giving long rope to JK Medical Supplies Corporation Ltd. to function at its own whims and vagaries, although funds have already been placed at the disposal of Medical Supplies Coronation Ltd. since long, but equipments have not been provided to Govt Medical College Jammu causing inordinate delay for starting Eyes Bank in Jammu.
“This is very strange that even after spending in lakhs and waiting for years the ‘Eye Bank’ in Jammu is still a distant dream as the Medical Education and Health Authorities have failed to tell the time of its completion and functioning,” said Surinder Singh, a retired army officer.
“Although the Government has already opened the Eye Bank in GMC, Kashmir but how much more time the authorities will take to open the same in GMC, Jammu, cannot be mentioned exactly,” he further added.
Government Medical College authorities are blaming Jammu and Kashmir Medical Supplies Corporation Ltd for causing delay in the procurement of equipments as JK Medical Supplies Corporation Ltd has the mandate for procurement and supply of quality drugs, medicines, surgical items and sutures to various Government health institutions in the State.
The process of establishment of Eye Bank in Jammu has been delayed due to lackadaisical approach of the concerned department the work on which is going on at snail’s pace from past several years. This has forced the huge blind population to move outside the J&K State for treatment at huge expenses and times.


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