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Govt. teacher advising students to leave studies, do tailoring, labour, students demand suspension

Young Bites. Dated: 8/4/2018 9:13:58 AM

Vikas Gupta
Nowshera, Aug 3
A very strange incident has taken place in the Middle School of Nowshera Dandesar Zone, Jalali Gurha where the teachers are insisting the students not to study but to do some other works like tailoring, labour etc to earn money. This is indeed very shameful on the part of teachers who should act as a role model and encourage students to study, but they are guiding them to leave study and earn some livelihood.
In the remote areas where the parents have to struggle hard but still send their children to study in schools, the teachers are advising parents to make their students tailors, labours so that they could earn money for their families. As a matter of fact these teachers are earning handsome salaries, govt is spending a lot for the improvement of govt schools. But when the teachers themselves guide students to leave schools, then what kind of salary they deserve?
This incident took place with Kuldeep Singh who is the father of two kids, one boy and one girl. Both of them were studying in Class 8th. While the girl passed the exams of 8th standard but the boy failed in the same class. Kuldeep Singh went to school to collect the certificates of his children. The two teachers advised Kuldeep Singh not to make his kids study. They told him to train them as tailors or labours so that they could bring money at home. For 15 days he kept on asking for certificates but the teachers refused to give him certificate. After that he contacted CO Nowshera and only after his intervention he got the certificates of his children.
The students have demanded to suspend those teachers who are misguiding them to leave studies. Students said that their parents in spite of hardships are making them study, but these teachers instead of boosting their morale are advising to leave the studies.


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