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Failed to provide any facility, PDA looting the tourists at Patnitop, Nathatop

Vikas Sharma. Dated: 7/11/2018 11:31:19 AM

Vikas Sharma
Jammu, July 10
Patnitop Development Authority (PDA) which was formulated with the motive to felicitate better facilities to the tourists in the Patnitop and surrounding hilly resorts, but it miserably failed to fulfill the motive of its formation.
Pertinent to mention here that, PDA is charging entry from every vehicle, whenever they enter into any one of the road in the Patnitop area, they have installed toll post for the vehicles, where they forcibly charge Rs 30 from per vehicles for none of the facility.
They have deputed two or three goons on every booth, who forcibly demand entry for their vehicles in the road stretch leading towards the Patnitop and Natha Top. The more surprising is that the PDA has not left the streets, like Kassal Morh, where the entire road is in shambles and tourists find is too difficult to pass through that road stretch, but the PDA is least bothered about the facilities or even we can say that they are harassing the tourists and just generating the money from the tourists and in turn failed to give any such facility to them.
Speaking to the Young Bites, Surinder Lawani, head of a tourist group from Ahmedabad said, “We are here for the first time and know that Patnitop is best tourist resort, in Jammu, but one thing which is very strange that the PDA, who is responsible to maintain and to provide better facilities to the tourists has been completely failed to provide any such thing but it is only interested to extract entry fees from the every tourist vehicle.”
We have travelled a lot and in many states, but here is none to keep a check over such authorities, who are harassing the tourists in the name of facilities but in turn failed to provide them anything, even the roads in this resorts are in so bad in shape, we have to face many difficulties while passing through this tourist spot,” said Lalwani.


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