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Rural Development Department failed to check the sanctity of Saken Bowli

Subodh Bhasin. Dated: 7/10/2018 6:59:00 AM

Washing goes unchecked

Subodh Bhasin
Jammu, July 9
Udhampur popularly known as ‘the land of Druva’ ,‘the land of Bowli’s’ and land of Devika is famous for natural resources of water that related to ancient old times. There is a cluster of several Bowli’s in Udhampur. Each Bowli has its own significance and are earmarked for bathing purposes and others being used for religious purposes.
Among several natural water bodies there is a Saken Bowli in in village Chari Swail of Udhampur, the name Saken Bowli derived from Sakan in Dogri means the relationship between two wives of a person. The bowli is situated near Udhampur railway station. The origin of these bowlis is one outlet from the bottom of the hill and the water is being diverted into two ponds equally.
The particular water body (Saken Bowli ) owes a significant importance not only in catering the need of locals but also owes religious importance.
But the place of Bowli is extensively used for washing of clothes which not only polluting the water but disturb sanctity of place.
Years back several initiatives were taken by Sarpanch Shashi Manhas to build up structure around it and thereafter the Department of Rural Development, Block Udhampur took measures for its upkeep and cleanliness.
Although owing to its importance washing of clothes id strictly prohibited but the authorities have miserably failed to check this menace which is polluting the water.
Talking to Young Bites Correspondent Raggie Batyal, a local resident said that before the operation of railway station this water body (Bowli) was maintained by the locals and at that time people adhere to use this place for washing purposes as such sanctity was maintained.
He further added that presently tourist buses and visitors halt at this spot and frequently use this place for washing purposes which otherwise id prohibited and Department of Rural Development, Block Udhampur remained nowhere after installing the boards to keep check over this problem.
Another local resident Bansi Lal said that the PHE department also utilize this water through pipes for e locals residents and most of the water get wasted through leakage and unchecked supply.
He added that several times local have approached the concerned department to take care of this water body and abstain people to use the water for washing within the Bowli but all over voices fall to deaf ears.
Another resident Mulkh Raj said that there is a pond (Kund) at the backside from where 24x7 water comes naturally. Had the authorities take serious note water being polluted, wasted and misused, the same can be utilized for many more purposes and sanctity of this place is maintained


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