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Water bodies need to be saved

Subodh Bhasin. Dated: 7/9/2018 11:07:34 AM

Subodh Bhasin
Jammu, July 8
Water bodies from centuries play significant role in human lives and considered to be lifeline of living being. Consequently from time to time voices are being raised to preserve our waterways for the future and likewise time to time mass campaigns were launched to preserve them and take necessary steps before they are dried up.
In Jammu there were several ponds in rural as well as urban areas which in past were catering to the need of locals as well as the habitats but in past few decades lack of will and unscientific approach adopted by the agencies have resulted into drying up of much of ponds in and around Jammu.
The concerned agencies responsible to save the Water bodies and ponds have miserably failed to take due care of much of the ponds as a result much of the ponds are either dried up or at the verge of losing their invaluable contribution. Although several times cleanliness of some of the ponds have been taken up and thereafter repair work was also done, utilising the earmarked funds incorporated through various schemes such as National Rural Employment Guarantee Act to safeguard the water bodies across the state of Jammu and Kashmir in various districts yet majority of ponds are drying up with the passage of time.
As per the reports the ponds are drying up due to mass encroachment of catchment areas by certain land mafias in connivance with authorities besides there are several other reasons Construction of residential colonies and commercial establishments which are cutting off the green gold along the catchments which otherwise is necessary during monsoon to recharge and uphold the water in ponds.
In Jammu region across its south Kandi belt there was time when traditional ponds play important role in order to maintain water and catering the day to day need of the people but as of now the areas of Kandi belt towards south of Jammu are also facing scarcity of water even for day to day use because of mass construction in haphazard and unplanned manner by the locals.
Talking to Young Bites correspondent some of the locals from Kandi area said that it is not that the locals are only responsible; the authorities too have adopted a soft negligible approach towards saving the water bodies in this area.
With expansion of urban population that started in year 1990 the introduction of water pipes was introduced for residential colonies and there after these ponds were neglected.
Environemantilst belief that much of the ponds dried up because of not properly maintained and frequently being used as garbage dumping sites.
Although the authorities have taken several steps to save the water bodies and ponds and huge amount of money is spent every time for their upkeep yet the situation on ground is really worrying about as much of the ponds are either dried up or at the verge of wiping out.


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