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Incredible Jammu Unreasonable stoppage by mini buses, still an issue of concern

Vikas Sharma. Dated: 6/13/2018 11:47:13 AM

Vikas Sharma
Jammu, June 12
While the mismanaged traffic system in Jammu has changed drastically, but still there are some issues, which are to be checked by the senior authorities of the traffic department. Unreasonable stoppage by the mini-buses is still a issue of concern, as due to their habit, the commuters plying his vehicle behind their mini-buses has always to remain very cautious, otherwise there are full chances of accident on the roads.
“When the government has constructed passenger sheds everywhere, and has also asked the drivers of mini buses to pick and drop the passengers from these passenger sheds, but still they are least bothered about to put a break on these passenger sheds and continue to put their breaks in the middle of the roads, due to which other people who are plying their vehicles, occurred the accidents daily,” said Manohar Lal Gupta.
“Despite attending numerous awareness camps, which has been organized on many occasions by the traffic authorities, in which they aware the drivers of these mini buses to follow the traffic norms and help to save others to face difficulties due to their erring driving. But still they are least bothered about the problems which the other people are facing due to their driving,” Gupta added.
One can see the mini buses putting their brakes in the middle of the roads and resulting into accidents daily, in which many people has to lost their precious lives, just due to error driving of the mini buses.
This is further an appeal to the traffic authorities, to penalize or aware the drivers to use these passenger sheds to pick and drop their customers, and avoid to put the brakes in mid way, so that the number of accidents should be minimized to some extent and the people should enjoy hassle free driving on the roads.


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