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Announced decade ago authorities failed to complete Save River Tawi Project

Subodh Bhasin. Dated: 6/4/2018 11:09:51 AM

Subodh Bhasin
Jammu, June 3
Even after announcing almost ten years ago the Prestigious the Project Save the Tawi yet to be completed as the authorities put the project into back burner.
Although several announcement were made to save the River Tawi which is facing extinction due to pollution from various sewage channels yet nothing much has been done on the part of authorities
Almost a decade ago, the authorities announced project to save the Tawi by diverting 15 big drains directly pouring untreated sewage and it was then termed as project to be completed on priority basis but the State Government has miserably failed to take effective and necessary steps as such proposal remain struck in the initial stage.
Few months ago tender were flouted for diversion of 15 big drains and nallahas polluting the river Tawi but the authorities have adopted a snail pace towards the issue raising question about the seriousness of the authorities to save the river Tawi and making it pollution free.
River Tawi is considered to be Jammu’s lifeline and this situation makes alarming with fact authorities have adopted a lazy approach for diverting highly polluted sewage channels into Tawi till.
It is worthwhile to mention here that river Tawi, which is also called “Suryaputri”, not owes significance as a water body but also has immense religious significance.
The condition of River Tawi can be well acknowledge by having a walk over the riverbed of the rapidly drying up Tawi with various sewage channels directly dump city’s filth and highly contaminated water into it.
A stretch of 30 km passing through the Jammu city is considered the most polluted for the river which originates from the Kali Kundi glacier in Bhaderwah.
Although the river Tawi is a major source of drinking water for the people of the Jammu region but pollution and apathetic attitude of successive governments has brought it on the verge of destruction.
Several people from Jammu while talking to Young Bites Correspondent said that the government is not sincere about saving the Tawi. We have been hearing about the save Tawi plan for more than 15 years but nothing concrete has been done.


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