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Incredible Jammu / Roadside parking creating difficulties for people

Vikas Sharma. Dated: 5/16/2018 10:50:00 AM

Vikas Sharma
Jammu, May 15
While the traffic management system in Jammu has seen tremendous changing, but still more has to be done, so that the people who forced to used the pathways, get some respite from the illegally encroached parked vehicles.
Such type of the parking could be seen at many places in Jammu city and its outskirts, where people used to park their vehicles on the pathways, due to which the people faced many difficulties, while moving there.
People are habitual to grab the roads and now they are trying to encroach the pathways, which are meant for the people, who used to walk on foot. But due to the act of some people many people found it difficult to move there freely.
“Many times the officials of traffic department launched drive against these illegal parking by the people, but they never bothered about to lift these two wheelers, who also encroached the entire footpaths, by parking their vehicles,” said Surinder Arora, a senior citizen in Vikram chownk area.
“I further wanted to make an appeal to the officials of traffic department, whenever they launch their drive against the illegal parking on the roads, please take a look on the foothpaths, which are also encroached by the people, who used to encroach entire space by parking their two wheelers,” Arora asserted.
“It is not the duty of traffic police, but also the duty of people, who never bothered about the problems which are being faced by the common people, while passing through these foothpaths. When there is not adequate space for the people on the roads, who are daily hit by the over speeding vehicles on the road, so please vacate some space for them on the footh path,” he also appealed to the people.


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