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Education, awareness of rights needed for women empowerment: Geeta Thakur

Abha Gupta. Dated: 5/15/2018 8:21:20 AM

Jammu, May 14
The prime focus of the social activist Geeta Thakur has been towards the betterment of women. She has always helped the weaker section women, she has worked for the women who have faced domestic violence. She has done lot of work for the old people. She thinks that her greatest contribution has been for the “women disqualification Bill”. In the year 2002 during her political career she worked against the state subject issue for women. Before 2002, if woman got married to non state subject holder, her state subject was made invalid, but she fought for the rights of married women and the bill was implemented and now women retain their state subject after marriage.
In her current political career, she is fighting for the increasing the women participation in politics. She thinks that 33% reservation of women in politics should be implemented so that some good things be done for women.
When asked about the dissatisfaction among the people about the working of current govt. She says that it is very difficult to please every one. Inspite of so many developments done by the govt., people feel that govt is not doing any thing, but the work and development is going on in the state. When asked about the Rasana case, she also feels that there should be CBI enquiry .
She thinks that there are many rural areas where women are not aware of various schemes launched by the govt, and she wants that each and every women should be aware of these schemes so that they get benefits of the schemes.
When asked about the long pending demands of the Anganwadi workers, she said that their demands will definitely be fulfilled very soon.
The message to women by Geeta Thakur, “Educate yourself, know your rights, fight injustice”


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