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Summer season on its peak, but defunct water coolers fail to quench thirst

Subodh Bhasin. Dated: 5/14/2018 9:13:34 AM

Subodh Bhasin
Jammu, May 13
With the onset of summer seasons heat wave has gripped the city, and the people are complaining of defunct water coolers installed by Jammu Municipal Corporation at various locations in and around municipal limits. They claimed that most of the water coolers installed to quench the thirst for the people, students and public at large are lying defunct on the road sides and if some of them are functional, the condition is so hygienic that drinking water from these water coolers will have adverse effect on their health.
With mercury rising day by day, residents of the Jammu City are suffering as most of the water cooler machines are lying defunct due to lack of maintenance.
The majority of coolers installed by legislators and several organizations in the recent years have not been maintained for long time and are down with technical faults like non-working compressors and broken cooling chambers, leaked pipes .
Its not only that defunct water coolers are lying useless on roadside but there are several parks in Jammu city where defunct water coolers are rendered useless in summer season.
“Lack of cold drinking water facilities in the city is creating problems for the people, mainly for the commuters and daily wage workers, who are forced to buy water pouches to quench their thirst,” said Raghav Gupta.
He further added that students are worst sufferer due to defunct water coolers particularly near educational institutes and bus stops.
A commuter, Ajay Sharma while talking with Young Bites Correspondent said that the mercury has already rised in the city and most of the cold water coolers are lying defunct owing to lack of maintenance. The civic body should take steps to repair these facilities at least before the peak summer so that commuters especially the kids and students don't have to buy water.
He added that this is the glaring example about the approach adopted by JMC as it seems after installation they are least bothered about its maintenance as such the basic purpose of these water coolers stands nowhere.
It is worthwhile to mention here that most of these water coolers are installed by JMC with the sole objective to provide hygienic water to the commuters but after installation no steps were taken for the maintenance of these machines due to which most of them are now not in working condition” said Shalini Sharma a university student.
It’s good that JMC has always taken step ahead in installing the water coolers for the convenience of people and number of new water coolers have been increased yet JMC has miserably failed to repair the defunct water coolers.


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