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Vikas Sharma. Dated: 4/13/2018 9:14:55 AM

Continuing our
weekly feature, Talk Show, we are here again with Neeti, she is running her aerobics centre under the name ‘Indira Aerobics’. She is the best instructor in Jammu. Let’s re-start the interaction with her
Vikas Sharma
VS: Do you prescribe dietary chart to your clients?
NK: Diet plays an important role in fitness. So I always suggest to maintain a balance between appetite and healthy diet with nutrition.
VS: What works best in motivating an aerobics group?
NK: In my experience upbeat music and weight loss competitions are two things that really motivate an aerobics group.
VS: Are you more comfortable in group or personal training?
NK: Though I specialize in personal training and enjoy setting individual goals and attaining them more, I work equally well with client groups.
VS: What do you do to enhance clientele?
NK: I maintain a client referral list and make cold contacts; I also promote the gym and fitness services via face book and other social media platforms.
VS: How important do you think that gym instructors are nowadays especially since there is so much information regarding health and fitness available on the Internet?
NK: Getting information off the Internet is one thing but actually applying it in a real time gym setting is not easy. Gym instructors help clients with the actual application of fitness programs so their importance in this setting is quite high.
VS: Most people know how to use gym machinery so why is there so much focus on training them?
NK: It is true that people are intelligent enough to be able to use gym machinery. However, it is a gym instructor’s duty to train them anyway so that they are also aware of the potential hazards of the machine that they are using.
VS: How do you ensure that a fitness program is effective?
NK: Each fitness program is different for different clients and needs to be created specifically for the individual. Along with exercises comes nutrition so I inform my clients of what kind of food intake they should have and suggest supplements too. The amalgamation of all these make for an effective fitness program.


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