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People still waiting for all weather swimming pool

Vikas Gupta. Dated: 4/12/2018 9:46:53 AM

Vikas Gupta
Jammu, Apr 11
Few years back centre sports minister announced to open an all weather swimming pool in MA Stadium. It was decided to convert the only existing swimming pool to an all-weather pool at the premier sports training centre of the Jammu region.
Further, in order to ease the heavy rush at the pool during the peak swimming season, which includes both beginners and trainers, plan was for the construction of a splash pool near the existing swimming pool.
But till date nothing concrete has been done. The result is that people who want to learn the swimming skills are suffering. Although the membership fee of Rs 1000 is being charged with a monthly fee of Rs 800, the swimming pool is open just for 6 months but the fee taken is annual.
As far as facilities are concerned, the people are not getting adequate facilities. The swimming pool needs filtration plant to clean the water but there is no filtration plant. As a result the water is unfit for swimmers.
Rs 200 crore was sanctioned for the repair of MA Stadium but except for few changes, no big changes have been done in the stadium.
It is the high time that authorities should wake up and utilize the funds for the renovation of the already existing pool so that people of Jammu can get good training sessions this summer.


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