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Vikas Gupta. Dated: 4/11/2018 12:31:53 PM

In the weekly section
of Talk Show, Youngbites Correspondent interacted with Praveen Kumar Sharma, Chairman Citizen Cooperative Bank. Here is what he said:

VG: Citizen Cooperative Bank has become online after your joining as Chairman, this is a big achievement. What is you say?
PS: Citizen cooperative Bank has not only become online but various other facilities like Core Banking Solutions, NEFT, ATM, Swipe Machine, e-commerce etc are also available in the bank. You can also shop from the Citizen Cooperative Bank cards anywhere.
VG: What is the status of membership of the bank during your tenure?
PS: Earlier there were 36,447 memberships but now it has risen to 39,161. The share capital has risen to 1 crore 61 lakh.
VG: Till this year’s closing CCB is in profit or loss?
PS: As far as profit-loss, the bank is going under Rs 2 Crore 31 Lakh loss, which will be recovered within 4-5 months.
VG: The CCB has lots of Non Performing Assets cases. How are you dealing with them?
PS: Non Performing Assets accounts are closed after three months. A new team has been framed for recovery. Earlier the NPA was Rs 52 crore , but with the efforts of new team, NPA has come down to Rs 31 Crore.
VG: What are the new schemes introduced in the bank to increase the deposits?
PS: We have Daily Deposit Scheme in which small shopkeepers can deposit on daily basis. Other than this, our bank is the only with lowest loan interest rates.


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