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Incredible Jammu: Overloading by vehicles still a menace

Vikas Sharma. Dated: 4/11/2018 12:29:54 PM

Vikas Sharma
Jammu, Apr 10
While the traffic management system has changed massively and this change is eminent on the roads, but one big issue, which is need to be resolved is the over loading by commercial vehicles.
“There is a dire need to sort out this issue as daily many innocent people lost their lives due to overloading especially by the commercial vehicles. They pick the passengers for their few gains and results in many accidents. The overloading by the mini buses in rural areas are the glaring examples of these overloading,” said Mohinder Singh, a resident of RS Pura area.
“The drivers of commercial vehicles are habitual of flouting the traffic norms and put the life of their passengers on stake for their petty gains. They drive their vehicles rashly and result is very dangerous, and this thing happen daily, but the traffic cops failed to keep a check over such incidents and never bothered to take an action against the erring drivers,” said Susheela Pandita, a resident of Laxmi Nagar in Jammu.
“ This is very good that day after the super cop, Basant Rath took over the charge of IG Traffic a massive change has been seen on the roads and people are following the traffic rules but still some people are failed to obey the traffic rules and thus put the life of people on stake. ‘They must be penalized heavily for their such style of driving their vehicles, otherwise the people will continue to lose their precious lives for their no cause,” said Manish Gupta, a trader in Janipur area.
“We wanted that a strict action should be taken against such habitual law breakers, who never bothered about the people and their lives,” Gupta added.


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