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Unregistered dairy farms creating health hazard

Subodh Bhasin. Dated: 3/9/2018 11:36:38 AM

Subodh Bhasin
Jammu, Mar 8
There are several illegal dairy unregistered milk dairies operating within the municipal limits of Jammu Municipal Corporation. These illegal dairy farms are leading to sanitation and health problems for both the cattle and residents of the area.
Number of times the issue was raised by residents of several localities before Jammu Municipal Corporation to either shut down these dairy farms or relocate these dairy farms to a planned on the outskirts of the city or residential areas so that hygienic condition besides sanitation can be improved.
Talking to Young Bites Correspondent residents of several localities allege that Jammu Municipal officials don’t take the issue seriously and only verbal assurances were given every time they approach.
They further added that merely “excuses” on one pretext or the other is creating health hazard for us, all day we have to face odor due to heaps of
animal dung inside and outside these dairies. Besides these dairies is creating havoc in the sanitation condition of lanes, drains and nearby nallahs.
In a PIL filed by SAVE (Save Animal Value Environment) an NGO Working For Welfare of Animals through its Chairperson Devinder Kaur Madaan alias Rumpy Madaan seeking closure of 59 illegal/unregistered milk dairies running within the limits of Jammu Municipal Corporation came up for hearing, Advocate Sheikh Shakeel Ahmed with Advocates Suraj Singh and Supriya Chouhan appearing for the petitioner drew the attention of the Division Bench to the Action Plan filed by the Jammu Municipal Corporation in terms of order dated February, 9, 2018.
Recently during hearing in the Division Bench of the State High Court comprising Chief Justice Bader Durrez Ahmed and Justice Sanjeev Kumar Advocate S.S. Ahmed further submitted that JMC had also been directed to come up with a report with regard to the inspections made by them in connection of tagging of cattle in registered dairies.
Several residents said that the unregistered dairy farm built in a residential area thereby causing problems for the people in the society. The animals are kept in open on the streets and the dung is not being cleaned even after repeated requests. There are even pests, mosquitoes and foul smell in the society due to unhygienic maintenance of the buffalo house. The families involved in this business leave the animal feed on the road several times.
“Is there a law for removing a dairy farm from residential areas” they asked? If yes, why the authorities are not taking the issue seriously and expeditiously take action against these unregistered dairy farms so that we can live in healthy atmosphere.


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