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Incredible Jammu: Minibus operators continue to flout norms

Vikas Sharma. Dated: 3/7/2018 11:29:22 AM

Vikas Sharma
Jammu, Mar 6
Though the rath of our new dynamic IG traffic, Basant Rath is running swiftly and the reaction is eminent in every part of Jammu, after once he paid a visit in that area.
Still a lot has to be done to streamline the derailed traffic scenario in our state and the man on the mission is trying his best to bring the derailed traffic system back on the right track. Despite the senior cop has asked the drivers and conductors of the min buses to behave well with the commuters and drive their vehicles after following the traffic norms, especially set for those, but most the habitual offenders are failed to follow his instructions and continue to create traffic jams after putting up the brakes in mid way of the roads.
“When the senior cop is on the roads for problems being faced by the common people, then it also becomes out duty to support that person, as he is running on the roads for the comfortable of common people, otherwise he can enjoy the soothing atmosphere in his office after being sit in his chair and see the entire drama, which the previous officers has seen,” said Ram Rattan Verma, a trader in Jewel area.
“The traffic department must impose some heavy penalty on the erring drivers of the mini buses, who are habitual to flout the norms and create traffic jams on the roads for the reasons best known to them. Many times we have talked with the members of mini bus union leader, but they never bothered about the problems being faced by the trading community in this congested area and continue to create long traffic jams by putting up the brakes of their mini buses in midway the roads,” said Manohar Sharma, another trader in the area.


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