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G.L. Khajuria
In a prominent song ‘Ganga teraPanniAmrit’ is always sung by all and one most enthusisatically with reverence. Gone are the olden yet golden days of over-gone ages of pride India.
The ganga, the Yamuna and the Sarawati which confluence at ‘Sangam’ in Allahabad have mostly been piously revered over the years with much fan and fair. These rivers offshoot from greater Himalayas like Gangotri and Yamunatri glaciers which form the part and parcel of our centuries - old heritage. Today, the purity and sanctity of these rivers have lostlustre in more than many ways.Similar is the situation elsewhere of Mahanadi, Godavri, Krishna,Kavari, Narvada and Tapti over Indian landscape. All these rivers have been very badly polluted owning to effluence, an outcome of industrial outlets and the filth and faecal emanating from villages residing alongside these rivers.
NarendraModi’s dream of Sawach Bharat Abiyan has, of course, yielded successful orientation to make India neat clean and green.Over the years, many missions with new names and fames have been earmarked to clean these rivers but all in unison have not yielded success- oriented results.
Talking of our own Tawi which is most oftenlynomenclaurised as ‘Surya Putri-’ daughter of the sun is facing the same fate. Originating from kalashkund(Kalpash) in Bhadarwah, it serpentinely flows down, passing through the foothills of suezDhar, Jakhed, latti-Dhona, Marothi, Koi and finally reaches the base of sudhMahadev also prominently called as Haridwar. It takes in her lap two prominent catchments:
One, from North- West Yugdhar, Patangarh, Gharian and other from Patnitop, Nathatop, Kud, Chenani, Budhi-Sudi, Shiv GarhDhar and Gaurikund. All these catchments together with rivulets in amalgamation drain down intoTawi. The watertable though, of course, is moderatly stable which lower down ahead when it reaches Nagrota. The river thus looses its pristine purity with its onwards flow uptoBelicharana. And, enroute, it encompaese all sort of filth and other quaqmire thereby making her filth riddened. Owing to administrative apathy coupled with public unawareness and improper sensitization, from up and around Jammu. It still makes an addendum with multihued filth and loosesthis perennially flowing river a quagmire beyond description.
Pollution likewise in all other rivers have very badly grabbed our attention like never before. It is, therefore, a biggest challenge of our own creation with no stretch of efforts to ensure easy cleansing.
The amount of filth, sludge and effluents of multihued form is a herculean task to be tackled with by the Government, industrialists, locals and other stakeholders in unison. Though it is a long-term exercise involving adequate manpower and funding’s, yet extra expertise has to be ensured in cleansing our pious rivers on all parameters. The central pollution control Board(CPCB) estimates that out of around 445 rivers flowing over Indian subcontinent, 275 have become completely polluted. And around 650 urban settlements alongside 302 rivers are discharging 62,000 million litres per day compared to 38,000 Million litres earlier.
Over the past five years, the number of polluted rivers have almost doubled from 121 in 2009 to 275 ending year 2015 which is a matter of dubious distinction. The figures make dismaying and unimaginative.
If no practical and warranting measures are taken now, our rivers will be a subject of glaring quagmaric scenario. Bathing of both humans and cattle, washing of laundry and immersion of dead bodies are other factors contributing filth to our pious rivers. Conclusively, therefore, it is the clarion call at this delicate dilemma to ensure cleansing operation in all our rivers to make them neat and clean. If not now than never.
Let us, therefore, join hands to make our rivers free from dirt, filth and a multitude of suchlike quagmaricquotum so that a pristine purity is regained otherwise it would amount to an addendum for a new history of filthy rivers. Let’s us unitedlyendeavour with unfailing dedication and devotion so as to make rivers of our Mother India neat and clean.
(The author is former Deputy Conservator of forests, J&K)
Mobile: 9797683140


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