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Justice and peace related

Young Bites. Dated: 2/10/2018 11:11:46 AM

The forces, which are trying to disrupt the peace in Jammu and Kashmir, get support from Pakistan and they don’t want to see peace in the state. All of us were born somewhere; with some typical marks which belongs to that particular nation, country. We were raised by our mothers, teachers, and people living in our home country. We owe them a lot, respect, love, our lives, because they were taking care of us at time when we were too young and too weak to take care of ourselves. They gave us a lot, and we should give it back to that society we were raised by, we should show respect, honor, and be proud that we had such help from their side. Nowadays being born somewhere means nothing to “modern” teenager. Usually they age and flee out of nest of their mothers and never more mention their home. They are ashamed of country they were brought to live in, they are ashamed of themselves. The work for justice and peace must be the agenda for all of us; it must be our joint work for justice and peace. Therefore, we should also ask and even discuss the role of religion, of religious leaders and communities, and even of the content of religious traditions for our common efforts toward justice and peace. Furthermore, it is time to ask how we use our religious values and traditions accountably in the world of today and tomorrow. There is an intrinsic and regrettable temptation for religious people to be more accountable to those who lived in the past than to those who are living today and tomorrow. The test of this accountability must be whether we are serving justice and peace for all, since all are created and in equal need of justice and peace for their well-being, safety, and happiness. Traditional values and religious practices must show our willingness to care for all. Our accountability to God and our religions, particularly as we represent faith traditions and communities first established in certain limited contexts, must be broader, since the community has now become part of a wider and eventually a global fellowship. Faithfulness to God and traditional values must be tested by answering the questions we cannot escape: are we serving all people, and their need for justice and peace, whatever race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, generation or gender they are? Today we know and live in this global fellowship, we the peoples of all religions, knowing well that what we do or fail to do somehow has an impact on the whole. There is no way to turn back to merely national interests, or to local or tribal realities, ignoring the global reality of our world. The examples are numerous: emissions forcing climate change are not bound by national borders; we have means of communication that can serve justice or harm human relationships immediately in almost every corner of the world; the economy in one part of the world has an immediate impact on the economy of other parts of the world.


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