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Young Bites. Dated: 2/9/2018 10:44:35 AM

(Sh. Nikhil Gupta)
Please see two assertions here . First is that Tiranga yatra should be and will be taken out in all nooks and corners of India from Siachen Glacier i.e. topmost northern part of India to southernmost part of India and from easternmost part of India to westernmost part of India . Second assertion is that there are no muslim mohallas in India even if muslims live in ghettos but still all such mohallas are within India and open to all kinds of scrutiny and to all people . In fact this second assertion was recently made by a TV debater in debate show aarpaar where the debater asked a muslim fellow ,” what is a muslim mohalla ? “ and that muslim fellow couldnot say a word on this . All the land of India belongs to all people of India and no mohalla or a ghetto can be either hindu or muslim or any other community . As per the article one of the constitution of India , India is a union of states and no state or any part thereof has any right to secede from India . The trend of some communities to live in ghettos and then stopping Tiranga yatras on Indian republic day to pass from such ghettos is very dangerous and should be rectified . The flag of a country should be respected by all and sundry irrespective of caste , religion , faith , gender etc. Those who don’t respect the Tiranga national flag of India have no right to live in India at all . Till the time people live in India they must respect Tiranga Indian flag . The importance of flag is understood by those who love their nation . For others it may be nothing but for the soldiers and nationalists the flag is worth dying for and that is why our soldiers fight terrorists and that is why our soldiers captured back the Kargil heights like Tololing Top . First thing our brave soldiers did after capturing Tololing Top was to raise Tiranga flag on top of it . Flag stands for what we believe, the unity of our people and the diversity of our nation. It is symbol of what we fight for . Even the Americans always say that god bless America and American flag . The flag of a country is always respected and loved by the nationalist people . Those who don’t respect the Tiranga flag of our country don’t deserve to live in this country .If some ghetto or a mohalla in our country refuses to let Tiranga rally pass through it then this amounts to sedition and also disrespect for the national flag . There is one more flag in India that is respected by the nationalists across India . This flag is bhagwa or kesri flag . The bhagwa flag is a cultural flag of India . The kesri colour of the bhagwa flag represents bravery and sacrifice. This colour is there in our Tiranga flag also .
Such a thing happened in Kasganj in Uttar Pradesh that gave huge majority to Bhartiya janta party in last assembly elections . Young and brave boy Chandan Gupta was leading a Tiranga rally in that town and was stopped by some fringe elements who had made some sort of a muslim ghetto and as per news reports some muslim fellow shot martyr Chandan Gupta from rooftop or balcony . Obviously that muslim fellow dared not to face martyr Chandan Gupta from the front but resorted to firing from rooftop or balcony of his house . This situation caused mayhem in the Kasganj town for many days and it is reported now that main accused named salim is caught by the police . People of India expect that our judiciary will consider it a rare case and award death penalty to this fellow who shot a young boy who was just taking a Tiranga flag rally in India on 26 November i.e. republic day of India. It is really very bad that there is some sort of selective main stream media in our country that raises sky on the head if some muslim or dalit person is killed . Please see the examples of akhlaq , pehlu khan etc who were killed by a mob or the example of Rohit vemula who allegedly did suicide . These instances were lapped by the selective main stream media and there were round the clock debates in television channels . People or political parties who consider muslims as vote banks flocked to the houses of the victims and many selective intellectuals of award vapsi gang started to return their awards . But this time since a young martyr is from sanatan upper caste and also a nationalist there is no activity among the award vapsi gang . In fact there is a sinister design of the main stream media to forget this death . Some media channels like abp news aired programs that almost tried to change the narrative and even tried to justify killing of martyr Chandan Gupta . I don’t know from where Abisar Sarma of abp news got videos that tried to change the narrative of the Kasganj violence and tried to put blame on the shoulders of the nationalists . Some media channels questioned why martyr Chandan Gupta took Tiranga rally ? And why he took rally to some particular areas of Kasganj ? Can such people answer the question that why Tiranga rally cannot pass from any ghetto in India ? Is that ghetto not part of India ? Why some people have pain if Indian nationalists say pakistan murdabad ? In fact Pakistan is enemy country that kills and hurts our soldiers on borders almost every day and our soldiers also kill and hurt Pakistani soldiers everyday . And can anyone justify the cold blooded and pre planned murder of a young boy martyr Chandan Gupta ? Nationalist people of India are very angry on the Tukde Tukde gang of JNU and Award Vaapsi Gang of so called intellectuals that raise sky on their heads if some muslim fellow or some dalit fellow is killed but go in silent mode if such a thing happens with a nationalist upper caste person .
Only few media houses such as ZEE NEWS and Republic TV carried news and debates that demanded justice for martyr CHANDAN GUPTA . In fact Martyr Chandan Gupta is a hero who died while upholding Tiranga flag of India . Republic TV showed a video on the prime time that proved that martyr Chandan Gupta was leading a motor bike rally and most boys in that rally carried national Tiranga flag and chanted slogans like Vande Matram and Bharat Mata ki Jai . Such a rally and scenario is a proud moment of our MODERN INDIA or the NEW INDIA that our honorable Prime Minister Mr Modi always speaks of . But it was very bad and very sad that such a nationalist rally of young boys was stopped by few muslims in their so called mohalla and shot Martyr Chandan Gupta .
But strange are the ways of God . The nationalist and martyr Chandan Gupta has touched the conscience of a large number of people in India especially the young people who have expressed their anguish and anger in the social media . Even though the electronic media and the main stream media except few channels tried to change the narrative on this issue but the social media has exposed the double standards of the media channels and so called pseudo secularists . The efforts of thousands of young nationalist Indians on the social media will not go waste and some day the anti national perpetrators of this crime will be punished by death sentence by the law of India . By his supreme sacrifice for the right of people of India to take out Tiranga rallies from all parts and ghettos of India , Martyr Chandan Gupta has become a new age icon and a sort of a freedom fighter of modern India . It is pertinent to mention that respectable father of respectable martyr Chandan Gupta has installed a 50 feet high TIRANGA flag on top of his house in Kasganj . Homage to Martyr Chandan Gupta .
The article is guided by the motto ,” ROYALE GUPTA WARRIORS NEVER FIGHT FOR THEMSELVES BUT FIGHT FOR A BIGGER CAUSE “ . Vande Matram and Jai Hind


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