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Deep rooted evils in society

Young Bites. Dated: 2/9/2018 10:44:18 AM

Humans are social animals. Without society we cannot think of our existence. We live among other folks and enjoy life with them during various festivals and functions. There are many things in society which are praiseworthy like helping each other, respect elders, create a friendly atmosphere etc. At the same time there are some deep rooted evils in society which are now customs and practices in vogue. We hear dowry deaths and other crimes related to ugly traditions in a particular community. There are many such ill deeds in society. We can imagine how beautiful this world would have been if these inhuman acts were not there. The need of the hour is that the whole society should understand the uselessness of this avoidable wasteful expenditure and come forward to eradicate this social evil. The Government and social organisations should also come forward to spread awareness about these social evils. The Guest Control Act should also be implemented strictly. There should be ban on large number of dishes in the social functions. The Income Tax authorities should also keep a vigil on large functions as large amount of black money is utilised by some people in these functions. A large number of sabhas have already joined this campaign, the remaining biradris should also come forward and take a pledge to solemnise the auspicious functions in a simple way and avoid heavy expenditures and show off. Indian society is one of the oldest societies. It has got its own customs and traditions. Some of them are very old. They do not suit the present times. Times go on changing. We must also change our customs and traditions to keep pace with the times. Some of our customs are not only useless but are also obstacles in the way of social progress. It is, therefore, essential that they must be changed. The older must change giving place to the new. Our marriage customs must be reformed, Child-marriage and early marriage have no place in social life today. Boys and girls must be given some say in the selection of their partners. Now-a-days we do not get the necessities of life in pure condition. Milk, ghee, butter, oil, etc. all are sold adulterated. Not only food stuffs, but medicines, toilet goods and their articles also are mixed with inferior and cheaper substances. This amounts to the cheating of the people. This is a social crime. I will make all possible efforts to curb this nefarious trade. The people will be ensured the supply of pure and unadulterated goods.


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