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Monkey Menace continue to haunt people of Jammu

Mir Yasin. Dated: 2/8/2018 10:49:23 AM

Mir Yaseen
Jammu, Feb 7
As the residents of Jammu city and its peripherals are facing monkey menace from several years, government seems to have no policy regarding terror and damage monkey cause in the residential areas. Almost every locality in Jammu city especially in Panjtirthi, Kacchi Chawni. Purani Manndi, Exchange road and several other areas. People living in old city always fear monkey terror as there isn’t any day when they have to face monkey terror.
Whether its morning time or day time, fear of group monkey disturbing their day to day work haunts them and several times monkeys have damaged costlier things. Not only this residents most of the time forced to stay indoors rather to have sun shine during winter season. There is an endless list of instances where someone was not even aware of a monkey around him until he was attacked.
In the J&K Legislative Assembly deep concern were expressed over monkey menace by the Members and asked the government to pass the resolution
The issue was raised by Congress Member Usman Majid while legislators from NC and BJP supported the issue. The members asked the government for taking action so the residents can live a life without fear of wild animals.
Although speaker disallowed the resolution moved by Usman Majid yet various legislators were asking the government attention regarding monkey havoc as the issue is related to safety of people and is serious one.
It’s a known fact that there were several instances that monkeys have not only chased the residents on the roof top but also have stormed into the kitchens from window panes and caused damage whatever they found.
Monkey menace not only caused fear among residents but farmers too suffered loss to their crops in the past.
As Majid sought a resolution should be moved for discussion. Jeewan Lal also asked the reply from the government about the losses to the farmers because of monkey menace the minister Incharge Agriculture replied that 8,315 hectares of land remained uncultivated due to monkey menace only in Kathua district in past three years.
On the behalf of government he said that there is no provision for any kind of compensation to the farmers due to loss of crops caused by monkeys


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