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Becoming serious problem

Young Bites. Dated: 1/13/2018 11:28:18 AM

Pollution is a serious problem that badly affects the entire earth and living organisms including man. Major source of pollutants are combustion of fuels, industrial wastes, dust, mist, smoke, fog, fumes, and many others. It is a fact that most of these sources are inevitable for us. That makes this problem puzzled phenomena. We are living in a world that is suffocating out of polluted environment. Major conditions for life to exist; air and water are polluted in an unimaginable way. Nasty smell in Indian cities suffocates us. In a developing country like India, where rich are the richest and poor are the poorest, pollution is a threat for our existence. In this highly populated country, we must accept that industrialization and modernization are inevitable. At the same time, we must remember that problems due to pollution are the result of lack of care and ignorance. Resolution of this immense problem, thus become the most serious in our country. Nearly 27 per cent Indians live in urban areas. Urbanization and industrialization has given birth to a great number of environmental problems that need urgent attention. Over 30 per cent of urban Indians live in slums. Out of India’s 3,245 towns and cities, only 21 have partial or full sewerage and treatment facilities. Hence, coping with rapid urbanization is a major challenge. Majority of our industrial plants are using out-dated and population technologies and makeshift facilities devoid of any provision of treating their wastes, a great number of cities and industrial areas that have been identified as the worst in terms of air and water pollution. Acts are enforced in the country, but their implement is not so easy. The reason is their implementation needs great resources, technical expertise, political and social will. Again the people are to be made aware of these rules. Their support is indispensable to implement these rules. The people should be roused to orient institutions, attitudes and infrastructures, to suit conditions and needs today. The change has to be brought in keeping in view India’s traditions for resources use managements and education etc. Change should be brought in education, in attitudes, in administrative procedures and in institutions. Because it affects way people view technology resources and development. At present most wild genetic stocks have been disappearing from nature. Wilding including the Asiatic Lion are facing problem of loss of genetic diversity. The protected areas network like sanctuaries, national parks, biosphere reserves are isolating populations. So, they are decreasing changes of one group breeding with another. Remedial steps are to be taken to check decreasing genetic diversity.


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