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MAJOR KULBIR SINGH. Dated: 1/13/2018 11:18:45 AM

MAJOR KULBIR SINGH Jammu, Jan 12 It was Saturday last week and it happened to be Saturday. It was my week end day and my friend does not believes in days. If thinking from his point of belief he was perfect but if by me and friends senses he sounded absurd. What happened I asked my friend.. ‘He said. An incidental imagination. I was hell struck as he incidentally applied the brakes! I was dumb stuck as to what had happened so suddenly. Azhar smiled and said, ‘for you!’ we were on our journey to Jammu from Shopian. Azhar my friend told me that we will not go today. You said, ‘for me as turned from Pampore and were towards Sringar. I kept pestering him, ‘what are you doing and not telling me?’ Azhar was smiling, ‘Sir remember when you were a in army and was leading a patrol. You were leading and distributing copies and chocolates to the children in Nehama. I tried to get into the flashback and then suddenly the incident did strike me. ‘Yes one morning from Chogam to Pulwama I was on daily morning Patrol. As we met Pheran clad children they with smiles used to stop me. That day I was carrying gift packed copy books, books of the great writers from Kashmir. Basically of short stories and they were gift wrapped by the Intelligence section of my unit. I kept giving them to every child I met. And finally a little girl met me. Her cute smile made me remember of Shaista. I had nothing in my hands to give. But she kept leading me till we reached where we stopped for lunch. She was the first one to be served. The girl kept walking after we had lunch we started walking back. Then she stammering said, ‘I want to have a gift’. I asked my lieutenant, ‘do you have something’ the answer I asked was an answer I knew, just money. My team took out there purses. We had ten thousand in total and gave the kid’. Then we saw a middle aged man. The kid stammering said, ‘he is my father and the one standing next to me is my brother Azhar. I just rolled my fingers on her head and after giving the money we walked off. ’ My friend asked me do you know that who was that boy? ’I was in a fix and I think his name was Azhar’ ‘Do you name what was father’s name, I think it was, Hafeez’ he promptly asked. ‘And what was the kids name, ‘I again shook my brain up and then again tried to recollect and said Shaista’. ‘Dead right sir, today she does not stammer and is a professor of English and she is on leave for a while and she wants to see you and repay a debt’. ‘What sort of debt?’ We reached Chowgan and entered the house. She recognized me immediately but I could not. Then she showed me pictures which Rakesh and Tamang of my team had clicked. Suddenly memories of past came flashing as waters who splash over boulders downhill. Then she presented me something. It was a book, ‘Story of a girl who once stammered’. I had tears in my eyes and when I was presented with an exotic dinner (a typical and traditional dishes I was overwhelmed). While leaving in the morning she came to see us off. As she was offered me a packet, ‘I asked can I open it’. She said, ‘fine’. There were fifty thousand in it. I smiled with tears but did not take the money, instead I handed over and envelope to Azhar with a promise that he will hand it over to Shaista. She rang my wife but my wife replied, ‘He is not at home’. But when she was about to leave for her duty she called my wife again’ Can you come, ‘I am at airport’. I went and she had missed the flight and was waiting. I walked to her and she returned the envelope! I was not going to keep it she knew that. She smiled and said, ‘I owe you more, I want to visit your mom’! I had no option and she handed her an envelope. We also paced a dinner and my friend Azhar and Shaista were the main guest!


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