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CHILD LABOR What initiates have been taken by the Govt to curb child labor: Rani Gargi Blowria!

Young Bites. Dated: 1/13/2018 11:16:47 AM

ASHWANI SHARMA Jammu, Jan 12 Yep! She was right on the ball when she spoke about ‘Child Labor’. The lady was blatant and her first question was whether the new initiates undertaken by the Government have been successful in curbing the child labor. The answer seemed was short and sweet, ‘yes initiates taken by the Government is proving helpful in curbing child labor (But the fact is that who is on ground to see it. Why should a child could Chapattis on mobile food stalls or work in Karyana shops, though a slimy joke but it is a fact!
To Rani this did not sound an answer which was a bit clumsy one. The second poser was, ‘If so then could I have the data of the last three years?’ The answer was, ‘Child labor is a huge problem and a multi pronged one. It has to be a big effort. All stake holders, public, private, social organizations have to take and do their part to eliminate this menace. Every step on the Government part have been taken and fines have been imposed those who are employing children as laborers. (Still a joke then why are they not being implied, in fact three months of imprisonment with a fine of Rupees 10,000 to 20,000 or both are already in rule books. Is it really happening?)
Rani was not really impressed and then she shot back, ‘The time by which the child labor would be eliminated?’ The reply was that it cannot happen tomorrow but soon we are taking measures and be rest assured that this will be admonished. (A joke again and this one it is a serious one, though the answer was full of sections and labor acts but can this really be implemented). The Government has to act and act fast. The faster they do the better would it be. Idea to enact the child labor law is good but the implementation, sorry to say is ridiculous!


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