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DON’T USE PELLETS AGAINST CHILDREN AT LEAST! Pellets are not used in a situation when crowds can be controlled!

Mir Yasin. Dated: 1/13/2018 11:15:10 AM

BY: MIR YASIN Jammu, Jan 12 Stone pelting is almost over in India and in Kashmir it will be a finished commodity. Yes the Separatists were wrong and they have been wrong and I will admit perennially wrong. They have misguided the youth of Kashmir on a warpath with each other. Mubarak Gul the NC MLA had a pertinent point as to why the protestors are being fired pellets upon. Now they are not stone pelting, then why fire at protesting crowd! Gogoi was right in the thing he did. There could have been a better way. Just say ‘Adaab’ people would have dispersed The crowds were violent, ‘agreed’. But the people should also know that they cannot take on the men in uniform. The responsibility is on security forces since they are on a duty. Mubarak Gul is a good man and he did ask a sensible question and the answer was a good one too. The health Department had the answers and the crux was that Health Department and Medical Education also does a great job. The total injured were 9042, Bullet injuries were 368, Pellet injuries were 6221, other injuries were 4, other injuries were 2449, also other injuries were 2449 ,eye injuries of total injuries were 782. Eye injuries of the total injured were 510 as referred. The answer was an elaborated one, the eye injuries managed by district hospitals were 272, total referrals were 1538, bullet injuries were 124 and bullet injuries managed at District hospitals were 124. Pellet injuries managed by district hospitals were 5107. Pava injuries managed were 4, other injuries managed by District hospitals were 2161, deaths are at zero level, deaths during the day are zero, till the date cumulative deaths in the day is zero and till date the death is 51!
In a nut shell is the question was right then the answer was to the precision. If Mubarak Gul (I still consider him a great man) But the answer from the Government was a precise one. Well the discussions and question and answers continue but why are the people suffering for no reason n of theirs!


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