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Security of kids: Despite court guidelines schools failed to appoint security guards

Subodh Bhasin. Dated: 1/13/2018 11:12:55 AM

SUBODH BHASIN Jammu, Jan 12 It is a known fact that most schools have engaged maids at the entry and exit of schools to give a sense of security among students yet security and safety of students always remain a concern for the parents. The reason the maids and not professionally trained in providing security or else they have to do some other works in the premises of schools as a result that doesn't make them safe. The people schools want for protection may sometimes cause the problem or show lack in helping it. Security and safety of students in schools need more specialized trained security guards for working in schools during school hours because risk of lack of security can cause serious implication to the students, parents and school management. In order to ensure safety of the students, children especially who are spending most of their time in school and parents remain worried about the safety of their child viz a viz physical safety, mental, emotional health as well as child abuse owing to increasing number of incidents involving safety and well being of the child the School education department has issued guidelines that onus for safety and security school going children in school campus solely lies upon the school authorities.
As it is fundamental right of a child to study in an environment where he/she feels safe and free from any abuse and harassment. In this regard every educational institute government as well as private must strive to appoint security guards male and female for deployment at entrance/ exit gates during school hours.
The order came after High Court in a PIL vide order Dated 01-12-2017 directed the School Education Department to issue guidelines for school management to ensure safety and security of school going children
After the direction of High Court the School education department (J&K) vides circular No: 11-Edu of 2017, Dated: 27-12-2017 issued the necessary guidelines.
In the circular it was categorically mentioned that all the Heads of Schools and Private Educational Institutions in Jammu and Kashmir State shall adhere to the order and appoint security guards as per the guidelines.
After visiting different schools in and around Jammu by Young Bites correspondent it was found that most of the schools have not followed the said order and abstain to fulfill the conditions in appointing the security guard, thereby putting the question mark over the sincerity of the schools towards the security of students especially kids and girl students.
Talking to Young Bites some parents allege that several times they have asked the school authorities to appoint security guards both male and female but school authorities have least bothered to take their plea seriously.
Several parents felt their happiness that though lately School Education department has passed circular to the schools in Jammu and Kashmir for the safety of the students but also are doubtful if the said circular is followed in true letter and spirit and whether the concerned department will take necessary action those who are not following the guidelines.


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