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Young Bites. Dated: 1/12/2018 10:58:34 AM

Government is contemplating to develop a group of habitations as clusters in rural areas by provisioning of economic, social and physical infrastructure facilities. Rural areas in the state are not stand-alone settlements but part of cluster of habitations which are closely linked to each other and the government will take a group of such habitations as a cluster and develop these clusters on the pattern of model village with all modern facilities with an aim to reduce the rural-urban divide. State Government is making strenuous efforts to develop rural areas at par with urban areas in terms of provision for basic amenities and employment opportunities. rural areas of the state were totally neglected in respect of development during the past, but the present dispensation is paying focused attention to every area, when it comes to provision for basic facilities and economic development. Government’s main focus should be to upgrade the basic services like drinking water, road connectivity, education, electricity, health services, and transport to improve the living condition of the people across the State. “Provision of basic facilities, road connectivity, interventions in rural economy and optimum use of local resources will ensure inclusive progress and prosperity of the society. Government should formulate a well-knit plan to upgrade the existing infrastructure for providing improved basic services to the people in rural areas. Roads are vital for development of any area and provision of road linkage to all the far flung areas should be given first priority by the government. Adequate steps should be taken for rapid economic development of this state, especially through quick and diversified industrialization. This will create new employment opportunities, especially for the educated persons and skilled workers. Modernized methods of agriculture should be introduced to increase the employment potential of agriculture. Spread of new farm technology will help the economy of J&K by raising their agricultural productivity. The system of education prevalent at present can to be changed. The present literary educational system must be replaced by technical and vocational education system to make it production oriented. For enlarging the scope of self-employment, liberal institutional finance should be made available. In order to establish the small industries and business, special assistance should be provided to individuals and small groups of people. The entrepreneurial spirit should be stimulated enough among the indigenous people of the area. The efficient implementation of Self Help Groups (SHGs) model can generate income and employment especially among the rural women. The agriculture, dairy, food processing, poultry, handloom etc. are some of the industries which have immense growth potential in J&K.


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