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Winter special

Vikas Sharma. Dated: 1/12/2018 10:55:13 AM

Continuing our weekly feature ‘Talk-Show’ we are here again with Dr SS Sambyal, Medical officer, who informed us about to take some precautionary measures to be taken during winter season.
VS: What type of precautions should we take to brace over selves from chilling and harsh winter?
SS: The winter season is on its peak, it’s time to brace ourselves for the chilling and harsh weather. It’s that time of the year, when you get irritated by dry skin and frequent flu fighting that ruins your winter vacation plans. Doctor clinics and hospitals are filled with patients suffering from cold and cough. It’s essential to safeguard yourself from the cold weather and stay healthy throughout the season. Though it seems difficult, there are several ways to keep the commonly suffering ailments away from your family.
VS: What are the different diseases that occur frequently during Winter Season?
SS: Pneumonia, the early symptoms of pneumonia could be cold and it keeps getting worst, if not treated. Due to bacterial infection, it can affect you in different ways. In some cases it gets cured with antibiotic doses and OPD treatment, but in few cases, patient might need care and treatment in a hospital due to severity in symptoms.
Dry Skin, Dry skin is a very common condition during winter season especially when the humidity is low. Avoid hot water bath during winters, or else you might feel itchy. Moisturising your skin with a cold cream or petroleum jelly would help.
Flu: Flu is indeed the most commonly faced health issue during winter season. Ensure cleanliness and wash your hands before having food to keep bacteria Talk Show
at bay. Also, cover your ears and wear socks to keep your body warm.
Stay active, staying active will help promote bone and muscle health, control weight, and improve sleep patterns, leading to an overall healthier lifestyle throughout the year. And the stronger you are in general, the stronger your body will be to fight off illnesses – or recover in case you get sick despite your best efforts to avoid it.
Make time for downtime, although it sounds like they are contradictory, making time for downtime is just as important as staying active. Your body (and mind, by the way) needs time to regroup through relaxation and the appropriate amount of sleep. Lack of sleep alone can make you feel sick, as many of us know firsthand. So help your body protect itself by giving it a break. It can only do so much for you.
See your doctor, because every senior is different, talk with your doctor about how you, specifically, can stay healthy during the winter season. Taking extra precautions to protect yourself from illnesses is the best way to ensure that you can enjoy all the things you look forward to doing during the season.


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