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Agenda of alliance!

Mir Yasin. Dated: 1/12/2018 10:43:32 AM

This again happens everywhere and on everywhere, Assembly seems to be a small equation!

Mir Yasin
Jammu, Jan 11
Hakim Mohammed Yasin had a perfect question and that was whether it 1is a fact that as per is committed to retrieve the NHPC owned Projects to the state, is so the steps have to be taken in this regard. In this respect was familiar and I will as usual. Promises from center are made but are none are fulfilled. Agenda of alliance is a failure thus far.
The second question was a bit direct one. But I will add it is termite ridden and it went something like this, ‘Whether it is also fact that the Union Power Minister during his visit to the state has refused has refused to hand over any of the power projects, if so what is the initiative contemplated in this behalf?
This was an appropriate one and the Power Minister had to answer. Thank God he was ready to reply! It was a murky one, ‘If a minister from the Union refused but we will follow it up’! It is being contemplated and the situation will be solved. When it will be the opposition laughed!
The third was bit of a challenger and this is what it was! ‘Whether it is also a fact that the power supply has worsened in the state and the people are suffering on this amount on this account particularly during the summers in Jammu and Kashmir, if so, the steps, contemplated in their behalf. The reply was a bit we have heard too long, the transfer of power projects is an equation of the developmental agenda. This was mentioned in the finance budget of 2015-2016. The State Government is perusing this and will pursuit what has happen next. The fourth was of the account of Carriage sharges of the replacement of the damaged transformers in Budgam District transformers with special reference to Khan Sahib constituency!
The answer was a simple one but questionable again!
The answer was that power differs in Jammu and Kashmir!
No asked the opposition man, what are you doing about them!
Basically it is the problems of funds and we are looking after them. We definitely do everything about them
The last one was about the receiving station and for sure the answer was there!
We will solve this one too and we know how to solve this one too. It was a laughter session for the opposition. Though the answers were correct theoretically but in practicality it can be told untrue !


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