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Vikas Sharma. Dated: 1/11/2018 10:55:49 AM

Why JK BOSE has no control as private schools in lieu with shopkeepers continue to loot

Subodh Bhasin
Jammu, Jan 10
Books always remain a significant part in the providing and getting education, but now it has become a medium of looting the parents of wards by way of asking the parents to purchase from particular shops. Moreover the prescribed books are rarely found elsewhere in the market other than the prescribed shops who have created monopoly.
Rani Ballowira asks a straight forward question in council regarding JK Boseand private schools! Jammu: The whole system looks to be in a hell. Private schools have their own dealers as book sellers. JK Bose has to react and Rani Jee was right.
My friends wife went to buy a book and that was of social studies. My sister a teacher went to buy a book of chemistry. Both are MeD but since my friend belonged to erstwhile Udhampur District. Neeru Jamwal and Murti Jamwal are two great friends one is sister and other was my friends wife. Accompanied to Murtis home I found familiar faces. I recognized my Chacha (Sudershan also nicknamed Totu, then I saw my Chachi, Murti resembled Chachi’. I did not know why I drove them to Udhampur. The nexr day were on a book shop. I told them that the same books could be brought from Pacca Dabga Jammu. There the girl from Udhampur said brother we cant get poor. We also are prepared to take care of hardships!


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