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Protecting Planet Earth

Young Bites. Dated: 1/10/2018 11:07:13 AM

G.L. Khajuria
There is no cut and dry formula in sight to protect and safeguard the only life-leasing spaceship in the entire cosmos. The scientists, environmentalists, policy–planners and other stakeholders shall have to chalk out strategies to make the planet protected. Some of the most prudent points warranting attention of one and all are as enumerated as here under:
nMassive plantation. The losses we have suffered accruing from ruthless blunders over the past are unambiguously difficult to retrieve. Yet better be late than never, We should endeavour hard to carry out massive afforestation works in all over the barren areas to make them +
nSell clothed. And this task shall have to be carried out from mountainous tops to the low lying areas. Unless our tops are not well protected, the low lying areas shall always be in the grip of flash floods, mass scale erosion and ultimately rise in the sea level. And this task shall have to be carried out keeping us quite away from all aberrations.
nMaking planet earth pollution free. Pollution as often we talk about is of vide varied manifestations as for example of air, water and noice This can be revertified and accompliable by setting aside the emission of smoke, industrial effluents and high pitch sound making a mess of all sorts of chaos and confusion.
nWater Management. The system needs and warrants to be channelized by training our revulets, big nallahs, ravines and rivers supplementing them with extensive / intensive afforestation works so as to arrest mass erosion/ intensive afforestation works so as to arrest soil erosion of enormous nature in the form of big landslides and avalanches in snow bound areas.
nAboriculture alongside National Highways. Rail Tracks, Canals: These warrant greening . Over the past, the forest department has invested millions of rupees for the beautiful plantations alongside the National Highways and such like tracks. But ironically all such tracks have been slaughtered thereby deforesting their outlook. It, therefore, is the clarion call of the day to rejuvenate afforestation to bring back to their pristine glory so as to beautify the National Highways and such like tracks.
nCatchment area treatment: The unprecedental torrential rains encompass all debris and multihued conglomerate of mass movement. In order, therefore, to avert the floods, all such catchment areas from mountain
ous tops and uplands down below need construction of micro to macro engineering works to breakdown their fast flow. This will in the arbitrary shall ensure maximum percolation of water and conserve the soil. At the same time, these will regenerate the ever drying natural springs which provide permanent source of Nectar clear water round the year.
nHarnessing energy from solar radiation and arresting global warming.
We have to run our vehicles, industries and their allied by tapping energy from sun so that we least harm planet earth, scientist over the world have attributed that environmental warming shall warm our seas and oceans endangering coral reef, diminishing fishes and other marine lives and planets. Rain forest fogs shall go silent. There is impending catastrophe of glacial melting. The polar bear are moving further north with the ice cap melting
or receding and the scientists are apprehended that by the year ending 2050, the bear shall face extinction.
nUshering in green campaign. In order to revolutionize the greening movement, all nations over the globe must have to go green in our cultures and creed and traditions to the extent of inhabitations to give an awakening call to all and one in awareness and sensitilization irrespective of age and gender. We have to get green cards, green dresses , green roof tops, green yogas, eco-art craft, eco-lights and their paradigm, eco-wedding, eco-celebrations and so many of their ilks thereby greening our eco-system in all parameters.
Nikhil Alva, Chief Executive Officer Meditech, Quotes, “This green awareness is for the first time when people must have to realize as to what global warming and water depletion is doing to our lives and then what about the abrupt climate changes as we are witnessing in the world scenario.
nThe attention of the media too is all set on green issues brought by vanity fair which exhibits how green our life style is growing fast.
Conclusively, therefore, if at all we have to safeguard our reverd mother earth which sustains every bioform including humankind, its eco-system, vide varied flora and funa , we human over the globe shall have to and must have to make our all out efforts in her preservation and conservation.
And let us take a pledge, “ I as an Indian do hereby swear for the preservation, conservation of our rich flora and fauna, soil, water and minerals to the posterity.”
The author is Former
Dy. Conservator of forest, J&K
Mob: 9797683140


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