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Assembly witness ruckus over unscheduled curtailment of power in the state!

Mir Yasin. Dated: 1/10/2018 11:00:11 AM

By: Mir Yasin
Jammu, Jan 9
The questions were the same and answers too. At ground zero there is nothing happening. The situation still remains the same. The reason I will tell. Far too much of migrants (not Kashmiris) but others too have added into the population centers. They have their power supply which carries on interrupted. They have build their own shacks and the local PDD bill collectors carry rupees five hundred in their pockets after a month.
Several questions were raised in the Assembly today and they were all related to PDD Department. Power supply is directly related to PDD and the questions asked were usual ones. The first one was an obvious one, ‘what are the steps taken by the Government to ensure uninterrupted power supply. The second was what are the reasons for unscheduled power curtailment in the state! The third was as regards the funds. The fourth was the progress achieved with regard to allotment of receiving station Raithan constituency. The fifth was region wise details particularly casual workers of Budgam.
The Government had answers were as under. We are on the job. We have various centrally sponsored schemes and there are five of them RARDP, IPDS. DDUGY. PMDP (Urban) PMDP (Rural)
The transmission plan is estimated to cost Rs.185.07 crosres and has been sent to CEA. RS 414.oo Crores has been sanctioned under PMDP and covers up gradation of power infrastructure in Srinagar District
EM&RE wing Jammu? The reasons for unfrequented prolonged power commitments in Jammu Province during summers is increase in power due to running of agriculture pump sets and excessive use of cooling devices viz. fan, cooler, ACs etc, the demand exceeds, the installed capacity of the transformers.
Though the problems are far too many yet they have to be solved and solutions have to be solved but they are not solved. They are solved to a certain extent yet the problems remain the same. Power problems will remain the same but Mir Bhai always gets to the nutty gritties and today he did. PDD is a problem in wholesome for the people. They should do the needful as mentioned above!


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